Key outcomes
  • Information all stored in one central location
  • Mobile CRM gives ability to work from anywhere
  • Perfectly tailored to a small business
  • Ability to integrate with other applications
  • Ease of use
  • Hotlist to timely manage tasks.
“Having used Maximizer in my previous work, I didn’t want to go back to using Excel or Outlook to store all of my customer information.”

Paul Smulders, Trainer

Kenneth Smit Training

Kenneth Smit Training provides lesson in success with Maximizer CRM

Since 1986, over 80,000 people have undertaken Kenneth Smit sales and management training courses. A franchise based in the Netherlands, Kenneth Smit Training is a growing network of around 100 trainers who are all full-time and self-employed.

The business challenge

Paul Smulders has been a self-employed trainer since 2002, and saw Maximizer CRM as the logical choice when he needed a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system for his new business.

“Having used Maximizer in my previous work, I didn’t want to go back to using Excel or Outlook to store all of my customer information,” explains Paul, “I decided to invest in Maximizer CRM as it is perfectly tailored for needs of a single-user business like mine.”

“Maximizer makes life so much easier,” says Paul, “Having all of my customer data in one place is essential.” Maximizer’s ‘Hotlist Task’ feature is the most used. It allows the user to assign a task with a timed alarm against a record. “The hotlist function is really useful,” explains Paul, “You never forget to make a call or send an invoice.”

Easy integration with maximizer CRM

For an individual businessman like Paul, who works as part of a larger franchise, Maximizer allows them to manage their business efficiently. Easy to use and flexible, it helps ensure they have good contact management and make the most from their sales opportunities.

For example: To tailor Maximizer even further for the needs of his business Paul has customized his Maximizer CRM. Paul developed a series of templates in MS Word which integrate with Maximizer to create quotations, invoices and training documents. “The integration I’ve built makes everyday administration so much quicker and easier,” says Paul, “I’ve continued to develop it too so that it now includes features like being able to switch between an informal and formal tone.”

Maximizer at the heart of the business

Paul’s efforts have not gone unnoticed and other trainers within the organization started to show an interest in the system Paul was using. “In 2004 I organized a training course for other Kenneth Smit trainers,” says Paul, “I showed them Maximizer CRM and how I used it to manage my business on a day-to-day basis. I demonstrated the templates I have integrated with the solution, and how much quicker and easier they make creating quotes and invoices.”

His colleagues were so impressed that many of them decided to implement it in their own businesses. Now there are some 65 trainers across the Netherlands and Belgium each using their own Maximizer CRM system.

“New trainers with Kenneth Smit are recommended Maximizer from the start, and I have a dedicated website to help them learn how to use Maximizer and the integrated software” explains Paul, “Maximizer is at the heart of my business processes, and I certainly intend to keep it that way!”

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