Key outcomes
  • Average 29% yearly sales close ratio
  • More organized with centralized data
  • Standardized follow-up processes
  • Improved visibility
  • Improved customer retention
“Maximizer CRM constantly proves its worth by enabling us to provide consistent customer follow ups like clockwork. This has resulted in a higher than usual closure rate.”

David Towler, President

Creative Organizational Design

Since 1979, Creative Organizational Design (COD) has been the trusted source for providing assessment and surveying services to multinational companies and its impressive client roster includes household names such as NASA, FBI, Kellogg’s, Best Western, RCMP and Unicef. As the largest supplier of pre-screening and employee assessment products in Canada (if not North America), the company carries over 2,000 different products covering every conceivable employee skill, aptitude or attitude measure available. Whether a company is seeking new talent, wants to assess the skills of existing staff or needs to accurately survey employees, Creative Organizational Design is their one-stop shop.

“Maximizer CRM constantly proves its worth by enabling us to provide consistent customer follow ups like clockwork. This has resulted in a higher than usual closure rate of an average of 29% for the past 15 years.” says David Towler, President of Creative Organizational Design.

Superior service

Two factors differentiate Creative Organizational Design from its competitors – many of which are much larger companies who are suppliers with finite offerings and who are not motivated to send employers elsewhere to find the right tools for their needs. David Towler says, “Unlike a self-serve on-demand or kiosk service, we are very unique in our industry because we go the extra mile to help determine and recommend the best testing tools matched to our clients’ needs from our vast array of products. We are often complimented on our superior customer service which is unusually responsive – it is company policy to respond to each inquiry within 24 hours. I credit this achievement directly to Maximizer, which helps make me look brilliant in the eyes of my customers.”

One-stop shop for employee assessment products

Having evolved from the deep psychological roots of its venerable founder and Sr. Partner, Dr. John Towler, the company is uniquely positioned to constantly add value by being able to interpret clients’ needs and recommend the best products to help them achieve their staffing goals. Expert articles published by both David and Dr. Towler often gets the Creative Organizational Design website onto the coveted Page 1 of Google searches that lead directly to inquiries and more sales. As faithful users of Maximizer CRM since it was first introduced into the marketplace, David Towler states, “Unlike two competing products that I have tried and summarily dismissed, Maximizer got it right from the very first version. We wouldn’t use anything else and simply would not be where we are today without this software.”

Four quadrant views

The flexibility built into Maximizer CRM enables David to maintain his three large client databases, sorted by Active, Archived and Inactive clients – with a total of over 12,000 individual records that change constantly on a 24-hour basis. At any point, customers could be moved back and forth between the three databases as they journey through the sales cycle.

The day begins with the Maximizer screen split into four Quadrants: Company in the top left, Contact Name in the top right, Notes in the bottom left and Hotlist Tasks in the bottom right. This bird’s eye view lets David see it all at a glance and flip between windows, adjust records, view change and complete Tasks and Hotlists, while effortlessly dealing with reminders, follow ups and phone calls. Seamless Outlook integration makes targeted email follow ups easy and effective, and keeps track of documents sent and received. Maximizer even dials the phone from within the software and allows simple logging of call dates/times along with the ability to input notes in real time.

Staying in the black with Maximizer

In addition to attracting new customers monthly, Creative Organizational Design benefits from repeat business and referrals, but they may not hear from people for weeks, months or even years. At any given time, the Active Client database contains an average of 350 contacts at any given time and enquiries are frequently pulled back out of the Archived or Inactive Client databases.

“When I am performing scheduled follow ups which Maximizer prompts me to do without fail, or I hear again from a customer in our database, I can click on their name and the Notes associated with them are automatically re-populated. I can see our entire history at a glance and pick up where we left off, including being able to (appear to) remember details about trips, promotions, children’s achievements and other personal client data culled from prior contact with them. This is a very powerful feature that enables me to intimately connect on a personal level to provide the level of service we are renowned for and close a new deal.” David loves how he can see everything, all the time, in Maximizer CRM and most importantly, keep staying in the black.

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