Key outcomes
  • Improved client satisfaction
  • Eliminated duplicate data entry
  • Anywhere, any time access to client records
  • Improved accountability on customer service issues
  • Faster case resolution time
  • Visibility into the sales pipeline with funnel reports.
“Maximizer CRM has helped us increase our speed of response in solving client issues. Onsite crews can get assistance by sending a picture of the flooring or carpeting material to support staff who can immediately help by identifying the right cleaning approach.”

Mark Sippola, CEO

Corporate Cleaning Services

Maximizer’s Mobile CRM solution helps Corporate Cleaning Services take customer service to a new level

CCS has been utilizing Maximizer CRM primarily to help them stay on top of and monitor contacts and opportunities; and more recently to help them track and improve service response times and measure new sales conversion rates.

CCS Business Challenges

  • Time consuming entry and resolution of customer service cases
  • No ability to access or edit customer files from client sites
  • No metrics or records on customer service performance
  • Employee frustration with ineffective information flow between shift supervisors
  • No visibility on new sales conversion rates


  • Improve response time in closing customer service cases
  • Increase the accuracy and timeliness of customer information, enable field updates
  • Increase accountability and ownership of customer issues with staff
  • Demonstrate a high level of commitment to servicing their client base
  • Implement tracking of sales efforts and closure rates

Realizing a Vision of Exceptional Customer Service

Founded in 1991, Corporate Cleaning Services (CCS) is a top quality, environmentally friendly, cleaning service focused on delivering quality and exceptional customer service to their clients. CCS professionals are well-trained experts in “Green Cleaning,” providing services every night to hundreds of clients with over 2.5 million square feet of space in the BC Lower Mainland.

The team of seven supervisors and 80 work crews pride themselves on their customer service and the rigor with which they stand behind their work. Night supervisors regularly visit the cleaning staff on site to perform quality control audits that ensure CCS services meet the highest standards.

Right from the start, founder and CEO, Mark Sippola envisioned using information and data effectively to help provide a high level of customer service and to distinguish CCS from its competition. Sippola saw Maximizer CRM as key in helping them realize that vision. “I have been waiting for the day when the technology caught up with my vision of providing my staff with real time reporting and monitoring of customer relationships. This latest version of Maximizer has hit the nail on the head as far as my vision is concerned.”

Customer Service, Mobile CRM and Opportunity Management

Supervisors now have the ability to create customer service cases, enter notes from inspections, and access files in real-time from their smartphones – all from the client site. Prior to this, supervisors would manually take notes of client issues and bring them back to the office to be followed up on. The process was time consuming, slow and unreliable, and there was no process for accurately tracking the status of an issue from identification to resolution.

CCS now has an effective mechanism where the Day Supervisor can create a customer service case in Maximizer that the Night Supervisor can easily access and follow up on. This has created a culture of accountability both for the customer service supervisors and for the individual cleaning crews.

“Maximizer has helped us increase our speed of response in solving client issues. On-site crews can even get additional assistance by sending a picture of the flooring or carpeting material with their smartphone to CCS support staff who can immediately help by identifying the right cleaning approach to use for the particular surface,” says Mark Sippola.

Sippola lists several benefits of their Maximizer implementation; increased client satisfaction and employee morale, improved performance and efficiency of the supervisory personnel and work crews, and increased accountability and incentive for staff to “take action” in addressing customer issues quickly. CCS has also recently implemented Maximizer CRM’s Opportunity Management module with their sales department who are now using it to identify and track potential opportunities with new customers. This is providing metrics and visibility into the sales conversion rates they are achieving with new prospects as well as better visibility for management into the sales pipeline.

Future Plans – Key Performance Indicators and Custom Reports

Going forward, CCS plans to use Maximizer’s robust reporting capabilities to better define and track key performance measurements for clients, work crews and supervisory staff. Sippola has found the ability to monitor the business and the “at a glance view” of issues has been critical in helping them achieve their corporate goals. He adds, “The data gathered using Maximizer CRM helps us be a better company in the longer term by providing us with real time monitoring of our customer relationships.”

Corporate Cleaning Services Ltd.

Corporate Cleaning Services (CCS) is a top quality, environmentally friendly cleaning service focused on delivering the highest level of quality and exceptional service to their clients. CCS is made up of industry professionals who are “Green Cleaning” experts, with decades of experience in the cleaning industry. They service hundreds of clients and millions of square feet of space each and every night of the week.

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