Cherith Simmons & Maximizer CRM


Key Outcomes
  • Centralised comprehensive customer records
  • Streamlined targeted email marketing activity
  • Increased pipeline, interactions and 10 x No. of wins
  • Better business insight, reporting and decisions
  • Ongoing value and contribution to business growth
Maximizer CRM has improved our activity workflows and communications to our prospective clients, giving us significantly expanded reach, reduced resource requirements and increased our sales pipeline.

Chris Tate

IT & Project Systems Manager

Cherith Simmons (UK)

Cherith Simmons Learning & Development LLP is a professional partnership, established in 1989, to design, deliver and evaluate learning and development programmes for large blue-chip companies through to small charities, within the health, public and voluntary sectors. They provide a range of services including coaching, short courses and apprenticeship programmes to fully certified qualifications.

The Cherith Simmons team believe passionately that the right learning drives individuals’ and organisations’ performance. They focus on providing value and excellent customer service.

Maximizer was implemented within the organisation some 15 years ago and delivers a multi-faceted tool, with all customer activity captured across all business functions including marketing, sales and customer service.

Watch our 2 minute interview with Chris Tate, IT & Project Systems Manager, and then we invite you to continue reading about their success using Maximizer CRM below the video player.

Enhanced Service Delivery

Chris Tate has been with Cherith Simmons for about 5 years and inherited Maximizer CRM as part of his IT responsibilities, ensuring the solution continues to contribute and provide full value to the business.

As Chris explains “Having this long-established and detailed central database allows us to deliver a high level of service to clients both new and old.

We often get requests from past students interested in additional training, wanting to finish courses they previously hadn’t completed or needing a replacement certificate. Having this rich historic data easily available and accessible to the team, means we can answer and resolve such requests very quickly and efficiently.”

Increased Sales Opportunities and Conversions

Chris adds “One key area of focus for us is generating new opportunities, which we used to do through a lot of cold calling activity. Lists for calling were generated using Excel spreadsheets, not particularly easy to use and time consuming to generate and record outcomes and follow up actions.”

With the adoption of CRM, the Cherith Simmons team quickly switched their main activity to email marketing. This allows them to easily generate targeted lists from the Maximizer database, using filters on geographic location or industry sector. Email campaigns are then set up and sent via Maximizer’s integration with MailChimp, with activity automatically recorded against each contact in Maximizer and ready for follow up calls.

“Historically, we would call around 1000 people, only get to talk to about 10 and then convert just 1 contact to purchase. We now undertake a typical email campaign to 10,000 people, with between 100 -500 people interacting with the content and converting to around 10 sales.

Maximizer CRM has improved our workflow and communication to our prospective clients, giving us significantly expanded reach, reduced resource requirements and increased our sales pipeline.”

Better Informed Decision Making

“Maximizer CRM has allowed us to capture all our prospects and customer activity, manage sales and deliver our services, all easily accessible in a centralised database.

This provides the Senior Management Team a more detailed, accurate and holistic view of what is happening within the company.  For example, one of our Maximizer Dashboard allows us to monitor how many people are interested and signing up to courses. This gives the Managers an accurate up-to-date picture at any time and helps in optimising opportunities, such as adding further dates or locations for high demand courses or perhaps taking the pragmatic decision to postpone a course if numbers are low.”

Improved Team Collaboration

The team at Cherith Simmons work hard to ensure the data they capture within Maximizer is as consistent, comprehensive and accurate as possible. Chris regularly provides one-to-one and group training sessions to ensure the team understands the importance, benefits and value of using the CRM, both for individuals and the business. New members of the team undergo comprehensive and phased training to get them up to speed quickly.

Chris sees this as key to CRM success. “As we are all working to a common centralised database, we have improved team working and collaboration. Our processes and data capture are ongoing, consistent and accurate, so all team members can see what is happening with different clients at any time. This has led to improved productivity, performance and morale.”

Maximizer On Hand

“Another reassuring benefit that directly helps in my role, is the extra assistance and help we continue to receive from our Maximizer Certified Solutions Provider, Advoco Solutions. We have a very good and close working relationship with them. If there are any problems or difficulties with our CRM that I have trouble resolving its very easy for me to pick up the phone to the Support Team and know that it will be effectively dealt with.

The Maximizer team is also very open and interested in receiving customer feedback and ideas. It’s very reassuring to see new functions or integrations you request or suggest get implemented in the product – or at the very least, included in their product development roadmap, which they readily share with their customers.”

Future Business Goals

A recent Account Review with Maximizer’s Customer Success Manager, Harriet Ansell, helped identify areas where Maximizer CRM can contribute to Cherith Simmons ongoing business growth objectives.

As Chris explains “A big focus for the team is to increase sign-ups for our Apprenticeship Management Course. We will be developing better use of Maximizer’s sales opportunity management features. For example, we can easily customise Maximizer and embedded our different sales processes/stages within each opportunity, one process for tender submissions and one for direct product sales. This will give the Sales Team better visibility on these activities and help them become more focused, productive and motivated to deliver results.”

The team also plan to better capture reasons for abandoned or lost sales opportunities, creating new intelligence for reporting on success and churn and help identify areas of growth, and just as critically, areas that need more attention.

Through further development of Dashboards, they will provide the Management Team with even wider visibility to key success metrics, key client activity, forecasting and overall business performance, all critical to making well informed business decisions.


“I would certainly recommend other businesses consider Maximizer for their CRM. It’s a cost-effective all-in-one solution, easily customised to anything and everything you require of a CRM. We have looked, on several occasions and found no alternative that does what we need it to do for the price we pay. We know from our long-standing proven experience that Maximizer delivers real benefits and value to our business now and for the future.” – Chris Tate

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