Key outcomes
  • Increased productivity with reduced manual admin
  • Improved data quality and value
  • Improved visibility of communication and activities
  • Increased quality of marketing activities
“I can honestly say that without Maximizer CRM we would be in utter chaos – we all use it, all day, every day – it is central to what we do.”

Lisa Jones, Team Leader & Business Development Manager, Chartered Banker MBA

Bangor University Business School


The Management Centre is a wholly owned subsidiary of Bangor University Business School. The Chartered Banker MBA (CBMBA) is the Business School’s single blended (distance) learning programme and is delivered through the Management Centre. It is a relationship management driven course with complex scheduling, which is the reason why it is not catalogued with other mainstream courses.

Maximizer CRM was licensed by the Management Centre as a client management solution for the entire organisation. However, staff working within the unique CBMBA programme identified the particular value for their requirements offered by Maximizer’s user-friendly interface and adaptable user-defined fields. Because Maximizer fitted their needs so closely – to centralise data management, harness data value and get full transparency on student recruitment and management – they implemented wholesale adoption of Maximizer so that it could be tailored to meet the specific requirements of the CBMBA programme.


Initially, the CBMBA programme simply used Maximizer’s address book function to track registered students and the opportunities field to monitor incoming enquiries. By the end of 2012, however, the use of the system had expanded hugely, with Maximizer becoming the programme’s bespoke student record system. As Maximizer is a scalable solution, it was re-configured which allowed the system to be personalised to the CBMBA programme, taking it another step closer to achieving optimal CRM return-on-investment.

Since Maximizer was incorporated into the Chartered Banker MBA programme, it has been constantly evolving to meet the programme’s needs. The team have used the solution to increase customer service, developing the ‘campaigns’ function to track their prospective students and to see what web links those people are actually following. Maximizer CRM has significantly helped the CBMBA team increase productivity and reduce time spent on manual admin. One particular example is when the CBMBA team created a matrix in Maximizer to count the total number of students on each course, rather than spending two hours counting them manually.


Chartered Banker MBA has come to rely on Maximizer CRM, particularly because it centralises all student data for the CBMBA programme and provides the tools to effectively forward plan.

Maximizer allows the staff to pull all information on any CBMBA student at any given time, thus eliminating the time consuming task of running through background information.

One particular favourable aspect of Maximizer CRM is the ability to record emails, meaning the team are no longer wasting time replying to the same email enquiries. Using Maximizer CRM they can easily check which emails have already been dealt with – this is continuing to increase their level of customer service whilst curtailing the level of manual admin.

Going forward, Chartered Banker MBA wants to progress their CRM by looking to import financial data from the university’s system into Maximizer. The on-going support from the friendly team at Maximizer has helped the Chartered Banker MBA to develop an exceptional CRM efficacy for the CBMBA programme. And, thanks to the product’s user-friendly design, the Chartered Banker MBA team are continually looking to how they can improve and develop the value of their CRM investment, even further.

“I can honestly say that without Maximizer CRM we would be in utter chaos – we all use it, all day, every day – it is central to what we do.” says Lisa Jones, Team Leader & Business Development Manager, Chartered Banker MBA.

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