Key outcomes
  • Quick access to data via various mobile devices
  • Easy to use with minimal training
  • Customer service module to keep track of queries
  • Centralised diary and appointments
  • Supplier-hosted solution with no customisation required.
“A great example of the increased productivity is the ability to automate once manual reports. Since implementing Maximizer CRM, our efficiency has more than doubled.”

Nickey Pringle, Head Co-ordinator

Avance Carpets

Avance Carpets take the commercial plunge with ease thanks to Maximizer CRM

“When the decision was made to extend our operations to the commercial sector, it quickly became apparent that customer information could no longer be stored in Excel spreadsheets. We had no central database and every representative kept their own individual records. As employees came and went, we’d be placed in a position whereby no sales history or activity logs were available. The shift to the commercial sector really highlighted their issue. We turned to CRM software for the purpose of maintaining good, longstanding relationships with our new business to customer (B2C) and business to business (B2B) clients.”

Now the company’s contact database consists not only of architects and designers, but also flooring contractors, suppliers and construction companies. “It wouldn’t be possible to manage all of this without dedicated software, that allows all members of staff to access the information – giving a clear view on what’s going on with every contact,” said Pringle. “Maximizer’s capacity to adapt to various mobile devices is also very useful, because we are often on the move, using our iPads and tablets to keep up-to-speed.”

The easy CRM fix

The system was implemented at the beginning of the new financial year 2013 and, as Pringle explained, the decision to go with Maximizer CRM was entirely a management choice. “We know that nowadays the trend is to consult your employees before launching a new platform, but after the initial presentation of Maximizer, we had no doubts that it would be well received. In fact, I believe it’s so straightforward that if you are able to read, you are able to use it.”

Pringle was the first person in the company to work with Maximizer CRM solution, and she recalls that she “pretty much worked it all out on my own, and then I was even able to give advice to others. Of course, some members of staff had minor doubts about how to use certain features, but it only took a minimal degree of training to make everybody know what’s where”. “Maximizer’s capacity to adapt to various mobile devices is very useful, because we are often on the move, using our iPads and tablets to keep up-to-speed.”

All Avance projects are now registered using the customer service module within Maximizer, where they’re assigned a unique number, helping staff to keep track of progress and respond to customer queries without delay. Centralised diary and appointments functionalities make data sharing a breeze, eliminating unnecessary admin and ridding the company of the fragmented database nuisance. “A great example of the increased productivity is the ability to automate once manual reports,” said Pringle.” In fact, I believe that since implementing Maximizer CRM, our efficiency has more than doubled. It’s definitely made a difference to our bottom line,” she added with confidence.

Avance Carpets secret business weapon

Avance used a cloud solution, hosted by Maximizer Certified Solution partner, Camsoft. Being a hosted solution, it was set up straight from the box with no customisation required, however Pringle believes that the company is yet to discover the true potential of their new software. “Being a fresh addition to the business, our customer base is still set to grow. I’m sure that in the process we’ll come to appreciate Maximizer even more. Apart from that, we haven’t yet used the Marketing module and we will look into that as soon as we start running promotions.”

“We measure our success by the smiles on customers’ faces. If it wasn’t for Maximizer CRM giving us all shared access to customers’ information, then we would be in a very different situation. Maximizer has without a doubt increased productivity, and you cannot put a price tag on joint, shared customer access.” Camsoft is also talked about in nothing but superlatives. Pringle described their customer service staff as “very friendly and responsive.”

Asked if she’d recommend Maximizer CRM to other companies in the sector, she initially said yes, but after a moment she changed her mind and explained that “after all, it’s competition. I don’t want them to be as efficient as we are.” And that is probably the highest praise of all.

Avance Carpets

Launched in 2011, Avance Carpets may be the new kid on the block, but the brand is backed by 51 years of experience and craftsmanship in the carpeting industry. Tradition and innovation are woven together in this company, whose roots stretch back to the European town of Tilburg, known in its day as the wool capital of the Netherlands.

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