Key Outcomes
  • Improved client management and satisfaction
  • Cohesive team communications and working
  • Better lead and sales qualification and close
  • In-depth visibility to business performance
“Adopting Maximizer has been a great decision, giving us a great foundation for developing and improving our working processes, productivity and results, as we continue to grow and build our business.”

Lucas Batista

Business Development Manager

3 County Property Commercial Services (UK)

3CPS is a family run cleaning company based in Berkshire, UK, established in 2017, it has built a strong reputation for excellence and delivering the highest standards of work for both commercial and domestic clients.

3CPS have been using Maximizer CRM for the last two years to help manage their activities and support their rapid growth and expansion plans.

In the video interview below, we talk to Lucas Batista, Business Development Manager and Juna Glinska Marketing & Client Relationship Manager to find out how Maximizer has helped their start-up business grow.


Maximizer – A Perfect Match for a New Business

Lucas explains “We started our business just two years ago and were initially using a whiteboard and spreadsheets to manage our customer records and activities, but quickly found this to be unwieldy, especially once we started to build our customer base and grow our team.

And so, we adopted Maximizer CRM as our technology of choice, as it offers good value for the money, being an all-in-one solution for marketing, sales and customer service and gives us the tools and insight we need to manage the overall business.

A bonus for us has been having the Maximizer team just down the road, based in Bracknell as well. This has meant we have built a good relationship with our vendor and can rely on the support they give us.”

Improved Business Management

Juna adds “Maximizer has been the first and very big step to show us how a digital tool can help us keep and be organised.  We store all our client contact details within Maximizer, with information such as property type, number of rooms, services required, any special request, etc. that helps us deliver to customer expectations and agreed contracts. Without CRM, we would not be able to work and communicate so effectively with our clients.

Building trust is a very important factor in what we do, on all sides of the business – commercial, domestic or end of tenancy, where we are given responsibility to care for people’s properties. Therefore, maintaining high levels of customer satisfaction is a priority for us.”

Lucas expands “Having one centralised database within Maximizer, provides the whole team easy access to use and update records, as and when required. This ensures we have accurate, up-to-date information always at hand, we can see the number of calls we’ve made, or actions taken. This helps us run the business efficiently and giving us insight into how we can improve productivity.

In my role as Business Development Manager, I also use Maximizer to manage our sales leads and enquires, follow up and qualifying activities, quotations and completion to contract. This ensures I effectively prioritise and manage our sales pipeline and focus on growing the business.”

Anytime, Anywhere AccessMaximizer Mobile App Screenshots

3CPS are using Maximizer CRM Live, deployed on the cloud, which gives access to their CRM and database anytime, anywhere for viewing and updating.

This is especially valuable to Lucas, when he is out of the office. He has also started using the new Maximizer Mobile Sales App which gives quick access to his calendar, contacts and sales pipeline, allows him to send email or make a call with one tap and add notes and records, as well as follow up actions for himself and the team. This has resulted in better time management and making Lucas’s day more efficient and productive.

Team Buy-In

3CPS operates with a team of 6 office staff, all fully trained on Maximizer and they were up and running within 1 week of CRM deployment.

As Juna states “The basics of Maximizer were very easy to learn and understand, making adoption by the team a success. The CRM has helped them quickly establish and run as a cohesive unit, with everybody focused on delivering quality service to our clients.

Maximizer has a lot of features and functionality and it’s great to see our team exploring these and contributing ideas for process and productivity improvements. Being able to easily accommodate these within Maximizer, gives the team encouragement and pride in their work, ensuring ongoing CRM buy-in and value.”

Resource & Logistics Management

Maximizer acts as 3CPS’s central information hub and has the flexibility to allow them to integrate with other critical business tools such as Microsoft Outlook, Xero Accounting and GoCardless. This delivers cross-platform access to their Maximizer database, averting the need for repeated data capture and ensuring information is accurate, up to date and easily accessible across all business functions and tools.

3CPS currently operates with a number of cleaning teams in Berkshire and Oxfordshire with a pool of 40 plus standby cleaners, with recruitment ongoing.  All data related to the cleaning staff is stored and updated with Maximizer CRM.

“Being able to effectively manage our cleaning teams is critical to our business success, revenue and profits. We need to be smart as to when and where we allocate teams and have built our own logistics management solution to manage this process.

An integration with Maximizer allows us to auto-populate the logistics management solution with customers and cleaner data and use this to plan and direct our cleaning teams. For example, if we secure two new cleaning jobs in Ascot, we can quickly pull up cleaners we have in or near that location and select the best team and schedule times and routes. This optimises our resources and guarantees we provide our clients with the services as and when required.”

Better Business Visibility

Lucas adds “Another area that Maximizer has really helped, is improving insight into our day to day business activities and performance. We can search, filter and create favourite searches and lists which makes it easy to collate relevant data for analysis and reporting.

We’ve been able to set up a range of reports and dashboards that gives us easy to interpret graphic views of our key business performance metrics, such as number and breakdown of clients, sales pipeline and forecasting, cleaning activity and revenue numbers.

We now operate with a good understanding of how we are doing on a daily, weekly, monthly basis. This allows us to be proactive and address any roadblocks or new opportunities quickly and effectively, so important in running a successful business.”

Business Scalability

Juna concludes “We have been fortunate to experience fairly rapid growth. However, we need to make sure we regularly review our business practices and processes for improvement opportunities and to ensure we maintain levels of service to increased numbers of customers.

Maximizer offers us good business scalability, with the flexibility, functionality and easy customisation to support our growth plans. It’s easy for us to increase user numbers and reassuring to know that the solution is straightforward for new team members to learn and quickly gain value from.

We would highly recommend Maximizer to any business, especially those with growth plans, who are needing the technological backup of a CRM to better manage their teams, processes and customer interactions to achieve success. “

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