With Maximizer you're well connected!

Maximizer’s helpful ecosystem of pre-built integrations will boost productivity and provide deeper customer insights.

Outlook Integrations

Microsoft Outlook

Sync your contacts and communications. Set up sales opportunities and tasks in Maximizer from Outlook.

Mailchimp Integrations


Keep marketing campaign data and contacts in sync, and view campaign results right from within Maximizer.

Quickbooks Integration


Get a clear view of customer payment history right inside Maximizer, and never waste time looking for an invoice again.

Word Integration

Microsoft Word

Save on typing. Create Word templates and apply them to contacts for emails, invoices and proposals. Merge contact details back into a World file at a click.

Excel Integration

Microsoft Excel

Effortlessly shift CRM data into Excel for reports, quoting, record-keeping and sharing, while blocking unauthorized extractions.

Zapier Integration


Zapier helps 500+ applications talk to Maximizer CRM, making it easy to bring documents, forms, contacts, tickets and files across.

Twilio Integration


Create, edit and send out SMS using Maximizer. Review all your in-bound and out-bound messages at a glance.

Advisor Websites

Advisor Websites

Automatically funnel leads from your website into Maximizer, so you don’t miss a beat while growing your book of business.


VOIP & Telephony

Start a call from a dropdown menu inside Maximizer and automatically log recipient, date, time & duration.

Hubspot Integration


Track all the Hubspot qualified leads right in Maximizer. See all the info for leads and never waste time moving over leads.



Seamlessly integrate your quoting process, ensuring accuracy and efficiency.

Sharepoint Integration


Document integration for Maximizer allows storing CRM documents in SharePoint, and automatically organize them.

Bing Maps Integration

Bing Maps

Connector enables search for a specific postcode, giving directions for selected route and further features for analysis.


Maximizer API

Build your own Integration using
Maximizer APIs.

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The integration into our job-costing package has just made it so much easier and so much less time consuming to track all our paperwork. It’s an integral part of business.

STEPHEN PINKNEY Managing Director, CCI Technology Solutions