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Dubai-based Centena Group is a global leader in the field of science and technology, with an expanding footprint across the Middle East, India, and South Asia. Featured twice in Dubai’s prestigious Top 100 SME Awards, the company prides itself on being a front-runner in innovation, employee development, corporate governance and service excellence across each of its diverse business segments.   

Maximizer CRM is long-established and vital contributor to the company’s success and ongoing growth, as we discuss below with Glen Nelson D’Souza, Centena Head of IT. 

Long-term Affiliation

The Centena Group of companies has relied on Maximizer CRM for nearly 15 years to underpin its international sales and service operations across multiple markets.  

Originally set up with 35 users, Maximizer was extended to 50 users in 2008, within one of their Group companies, Maritronics, who deliver marine electronic engineering services. Centena has since expanded the use of Maximizer to 170 staff in group offices across the region, as a central data repository and platform to manage sales, service delivery and customer relationships.  

Maximizer ensures the sales team, service engineers, support coordinators, finance and reporting managers keep organised, track customer interactions, adhere to internal processes, automate key administrative tasks, and analyse their activity and performance results  

This long-term affiliation is ably supported by their local vendor and Maximizer Certified Solutions Provider, GNet Computer Systems LLC based in UEA and the Maximizer Team in the UK.  

Building Business Growth

Centena’s focus is on delivering highly disciplined operational management across all its business functions, ensuring resources are optimised, timely decisions are made, financial security is sustained and responses to market forces and demands are fast and effective.  

Having the right team, processes and business tools in place to achieve this is paramount, regularly reviewed and improved. As part of this, the Group recently conducted a review of their global CRM requirements, assessing top market suppliers 

Glen Nelson D’Souza, Centena Head of IT describes the outcome…

Once again, we determined Maximizer as being the value for money and the best fit to meet our current and future business growth needs and objectives.   

In the coming months, we will be expanding our use of Maximizer and rolling it out to a further 80 Centena staff across seven cities in India. We are also exploring further integrations with other business tools such as MailChimp for our marketing campaign management and developing more sophisticated and detailed reports and dashboards to increase our visibility on growth.”     

Exceeding Customer Expectations

Centena prides itself on the quality of its service, working closely with both customers to accurately identifying needs and suppliers to deliver high levels of satisfaction.  It’s quest for continuous improvement is at the core of its activity.   

Glen explains “Our goal is to exceed customer expectations in every market and sector we serve. By equipping our staff with Maximizer CRM, we have reduced the time they spend on administration, made them more efficient and thus empowered them to focus on adding real value to customer relationships.” 

Maximizer CRM provides a central depository and single record for each Centena customer, their history, interactions, needs and deliverables throughout the whole customer journeywith data made easily accessible to staff across the company 

This allows Centena teams to successfully manage their international operations smoothlyproviding a consistent and informed experience to customers at all times, regardless of location. It also gives managers the real-time, detailed insight into the status of leads and sales performance, at both individual and high level. 

Glen adds “To maintain our company’s exacting standards we are dedicated to continually studying customer needs across each of the target markets. Maximizer CRM allows us to do this in a systematic and data-driven way.” 

Streamlining Processes & Productivity

With its ease of customisation, Maximizer CRM has allowed Centena to tailor-fit their own custom fields, mapped processes and tasks and alerts within the solution. This provides both data and activity consistency and accuracy across the whole business, resulting in better informed data-driven decisions and productivity improvements.  

Maximizer’s ability to be easily customised is readily demonstrated within Centena’s sales function, with each division’s differing business processes all configured within the CRM, enabling team members to select the appropriate and optimised sales process for their opportunity.   

Ease of integration with other business tools and platforms delivers additional workflow enhancements and productivity gains. For example, over the last year, Centena estimates that Maximizer has saved each of its users nearly 45 minutes per day in administration time, thanks in part to the integration with Outlook.     

As Glen observes “We have also integrated Maximizer with our financial systems and have a seamless flow of information between the two, thanks to Maximizer’s ease of connecting to various third-party applications without any compromise in security.” 

Highly Recommended

Building longstanding quality customer relationships is at the forefront of Maximizer’s ethos as well, as reflected in the sustained relationship with the Centena Group 

Gnet Computer Systems and the Maximizer Team provide on-going multi-level training, servicesand support and account reviews, helping Centena to successfully deliver accelerated adoption, leverage the full value oCRM, boost the bottom line and build sustainable business growth.   

As Glen adds “The Maximizer team listens and responds to feedback with regards to technical suggestions and I feel we have a voice in steering product development. In my view Maximizer is the top choice for any business looking for an easily customisable, all-inclusive CRM that can bring efficiency to managing multiple markets, product lines or business segments.”  

Find out for yourself why Maximizer CRM is proven and trusted by Centena Group and by thousands of other companies around the world. Try us free for 30 days. 

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