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Information management consultants spill a lot of ink about the costs of badly organized data. Few are as incisive as Kevin Parker, winner of the 2016 AIIM leadership award and Senior VP at Tahzoo, an Inc-500-ranked digital CX compan y. He uses the acronym “ROT” to communicate the dangers of bad data management. ROT (i.e., Redundant, Obsolete and Trivial data) writes Parker, represents the junk cluttering up information systems — leading to wasted time, unreliable reports and bad decisions, costing your business money. 

You can eliminate ROT in your customer information by using your CRM’s global edit and import tools. In Maximizer, for example, these data management tools allow you to easily slim down and centralize your data trove – without needing help from IT. 

You can then make this cleansed data readily available to your team. With wide-ranging CRM search criteria and filters, plus saved searches, they’ll retrieve relevant customer information in seconds – empowering them to deliver personalized service in real time. 

Bring your data together 

Integrations are amazing for their potential to bring together data and speed up your team. But sometimes, your CRM doesn’t connect with that one business critical app. Alternatively, you might need to pull in contact details from many spreadsheets on a regular basis. Enter a robust Import tool for your CRM. This lets you easily centralize data from spreadsheets and other systems, and eliminates manual data entry. 

With a personalized CRM like Maximizer, starting an import is easy. Just drag and drop a spreadsheet into the new Import tool window. Bring in multiple entry types in one go – including contacts, opportunities and companies. And quickly map fields with the intuitive field picker tool. 

Maximizer will then hand-hold you through each verification stage. A complete import log and automated duplicate check let you quickly correct entries. You can even save field mappings with import templates – to sail through repeat imports.

With Maximizer, entry verification is a breeze. Simply click the cloud icons and speed through correction.

Keep your data up to date 

Getting your data into your CRM is just the first step – you still need to update it. With an intuitive global edit tool, you can easily update multiple types of entries, without having to worry about conflicts. After you enter your values and turn the key, you can keep working in your CRM, while a floating progress bar keeps you informed of when your edits finish. The global edit tool that ships with Maximizer, for example, runs ultra-reliably – allowing you to perform huge updates and walk away, confident that everything will complete successfully.  

To learn more about how Maximizer’s Global Edit and Import tools help your business combat ROT watch our guided tour webinar .

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