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If you’re using Twilio every day and loving it — then you’ll also love this brand new connection. Introducing a new Maximizer integration with your Twilio account, available in the App Directory.

Now you can connect directly with your customers, and review a complete history of your outbound and inbound messages, all from a single tab.

A phone book and a messaging system

Companies use Twilio’s SMS text features to send out authentication codes, make service or policy change announcements, and to let customers know about a brand new feature or a stellar deal. Salespeople use it to keep in close contact with a prospect or account.

The new Twilio tab in your Address Book.

Now you can use all that amazingly convenient text functionality right in Maximizer — a phone book and a messaging system all in one. Design and edit charming SMS texts. Then send them to a contact, or to a list of up to 50 Maximizer contacts, in just a single click.

Send delightful texts in seconds straight from Maximizer.

Once you’ve sent a message, you can see whether a contact received it, or if it bounced back. You can then correct their phone number and try again, or check Twilio to see if that contact opted out.

You can also use Maximizer to review a complete list of all your inbound and outbound texts, including who received what text and when, whether a contact responded, and what they said.

Plus, we’ve got your back where anti-spam laws are concerned. Customer contacts can request a halt to your texts at any time. All they need to do is reply “stop”, “stopall”, “unsubscribe”, “cancel”, “end” or “quit”!

And if they want to get your texts again? They just type “start”.

How to start using it

Setup is practically one, two, three. Visit the App Directory, select Twilio and click “get it now”. Enter your Twilio authentication details — and that’s it! Once you’ve connected, start creating Twilio texts right away from the  Twilio tab in your Address Book.

You can access a complete history of each contact’s text conversations from the “SMS History” button. Or create, edit and review texts with [Send Message].

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