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Boating World, based in Cape Town, South Africa, has become the leading importer of new and pre-owned luxury motor yachts, sailing boats and catamarans into many African countries as well as the adjacent Indian Ocean Islands.

With a reputation for delivering absolute attention-to-detail, the team of highly experienced and passionate experts offer boat buyers exceptional delivery and after sales service.

We talk to Derrick Levy, Managing Director of Boating World, to find out how for the last 18 years Maximizer CRM, has supported their success and ongoing growth plans.

Heave To

Derrick Levy Boating World, Cape Town South Africa“I’m thankful that in the early days of our business, we had the foresight to look for a technological solution to tracking our customers and sales activities, and on a visit to the London Boat Show, came across a magazine advert for Maximizer CRM, which seemed to fit the bill.

On our return to South Africa, we quickly assessed and purchased the solution from Maximizer’s South African Certified Solutions Provider, Camsoft and we haven’t looked back since.” Derrick Levy

Making Trees

Over the last 20 years the Boating World team has successfully established their brand, differentiated against competitors and built a strong customer base.

As Derrick explains “Maximizer has enhanced our business in many ways, including building company value. Our structured CRM database, containing over 4000 digital records of qualified clients, exceptional in our industry, plus associated histories, sales pipeline and embedded business processes is our main business asset, outside of our stock, and is the culmination and bedrock of our investment in the business.


The Boating World team now uses Maximizer CRM as their central business hub and platform for activity tracking across the whole business.

This includes the capture and management of new enquiries, qualifying activities and follow up actions, with custom fields set up in Maximizer to capture key information such as type of enquiry, timescale, location, required type and use of boat, number of cabins etc.

Enquiries are managed through Hotlist Tasks with any customer interactions such as email, phone calls, meetings supply of documents and notes all recorded against the prospect record in Maximizer.

As Derrick explains “This process has stopped any prospective clients falling through the cracks when we are inundated and busy. The information that we record really helps us hone in on what the client is looking for. Maximizer is invaluable in this way.

Our delivery and post-sales activities are also mapped out, recorded and followed up using Maximizer. The servicing team has easy visibility of the tasks they need to chase up and complete. This works extremely well and ensures we maintain our high level of customer service and support.”


“We take our CRM very seriously. With the help, advice and excellent training seminars supplied by Camsoft, our Maximizer supplier, we continually review and look to see how Maximizer can help improve our business processes and performance.”

Boating World is currently improving their performance monitoring, analysis and reporting, setting up a series of dashboards and reports within Maximizer to provide easy access to vital business performance intelligence. This allows them to make better-informed decisions and improvements.

Derrick adds “We are also excited about using the new Maximizer mobile app – we really love it! It’s so useful to have easy access to our customer records and sales opportunities and be able to update them on the go. We are looking forward to further development of the app and view this as the future for Maximizer on the move.”

Fair Winds

Derrick concludes “We are very happy with Maximizer and the great relationship we have with Camsoft. Maximizer continues to add value across all business functions, improving sales, customer delivery, and service activities and supporting ongoing customer satisfaction and business success.”

“I would highly recommend Maximizer to any business looking to improve productivity, performance, customer engagement and business growth.”

Learn in more detail how the Boating World team are using Maximizer CRM to improve their working practices and continue to deliver exceptional customer experience and business success.

Read the Full Case Study and Watch Our Video Interview With Derrick.

Sailing Glossary
  • Heave ToTechnique designed to stop a vessel but keep her pointed in the correct direction.
  • Making TreesSlang for progress made against competitors in a sailing race.
  • Masthead: Platform or fixture at the top of a mast from which rigging, blocks, tackle, and lighting are attached.
  • Tacking: A zigzag course to achieve a net upwind direction.
  • Fair Winds: A favourable wind, i.e. one blowing in the desired direction of travel for the vessel.
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