Two-minute masterclass: Sales Playbook + CRM = A Fuller Funnel

Two-minute masterclass: Sales Playbook + CRM = A Fuller Funnel cover

Welcome to the 2-minute masterclass series for Sales Leaders.

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How Sales Leaders can keep the top of your funnel fuller by incorporating a Sales Playbook into your CRM.

Read more below, or watch this episode with Maximizer’s own Alex Ackermans, VP Engineering

If you’re an experienced Sales Leader, chances are you already rely on a Sales Playbook to onboard and train your team to success. But is it helping your team as much as it could be?

Here are three things your Sales Playbook should be doing to help your salespeople close MORE deals:

First – It should ensure that for every opportunity, each salesperson has a clear view of where their prospect is in the sales process, and what specific next steps are needed to advance that deal to closing.

Second – It should equip the salesperson with training documents and videos and provide quick access to thoughtful and deal-advancing questions to ask prospects.

Third – It must reinforce the need to track and capture all of your salespeople’s activities, including prospecting, conversations, demos, and other action items. This enables the Sales Leader to use Leading Indicators – those that more accurately predict whether or not deals will actually close.

“Immediate and ongoing access to a current Sales Playbook  – right in your CRM – means your team stays on top of deals as they move through the sales process, keeping forecasts achievable and the top of the funnel full,” explains Alex Ackermans, 20-year software developer and VP Engineering at Maximizer.

Your job as Sales Leader is to leverage your experience and knowledge to drive your team's revenue performance. Our job is to equip you with the tools to make it easy.

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