Three Ways To Send A Mail Merge In Maximizer

BY webmaster
June 24, 2015

GooglePlus_ProfileImageIf you work in a customer-facing role chances are you’ve done a mail merge at one time or another. Lets face it, nobody wants to type the same letter twice, so why not just use a single template and swap out the names, right? Well, if you're a Maximizer user, it's easy to do just that and to send merged mailings to your Maximizer contacts.

Now, for things like mass mailings or marketing initiatives where you need to track detailed metrics like open counts or clickthrough rates, you’ll want to harness the full power of Maximizer’s Campaign module. But what about those times when you just need to send out a simple letter or email to a couple of contacts? Here are a few ways that you can quickly and easily do one-off mail merges in Maximizer.

Mail Merge with the Maximizer Word Processor

If you’re a Maximizer Windows Access user, the Maximizer Word Processor offers the simplest way to send a mail merge. With the Maximizer Word Processor, you can merge printed letters or emails, and can save letter templates for reuse later.

  1. In the Maximizer Address Book window, select the list of contacts you want to send the letter to.
  2. Click the Tools > Maximizer Editor button in the ribbon.
  3. Type your letter, and when you want to insert a merge field, for example First Name or Last Name, click the Insert Merge Field toolbar button and select the field you want.
  4. Once you have your letter ready, click File > Merge > to Printer (you can also send the letter as an email or fax if you want).

mail merge 1

If this is a letter you might need to use again, you can click Save and select the option to save the letter as a template, which will store it in your template library to use another time.

Mail Merge with the Maximizer Word Add-in

Using the Maximizer Word Add-in you can create a merged letter in much the same way as with the Maximizer Word Processor, but the Word Add-in offers a couple of distinct advantages:

  • You aren’t restricted to only using Windows Access, since the Word Add-In also works with Maximizer Web Access and Maximizer CRM Live.
  • You can insert Maximizer merge fields into any Microsoft Word document, so if you already have your letter written in Microsoft Word there’s no need to convert it.

mail merge 2

To do a mail merge with the Maximizer Word Add-in, simply write a letter in Microsoft Word as you normally would. When you want to insert a merge field, click the Insert Merge Field button in the Maximizer toolbar to bring up the list of available fields. And when you’re ready to print, just click Send to Printer and you can print your letter for the current entry or selected entries in Maximizer or Maximizer Web Access.

mail merge 3

And with the Word Add-in, you can reuse letter templates at a later date as well. Just save the Word document, merge fields and all, and when you want to use it again, simply open it up, select a different entry in Maximizer, and print.

Email Merge in Maximizer Web Access

One disadvantage of using the Maximizer Word Add-in, however, is that you cannot use it to send merged emails. So if you’re a Maximizer Web Access or Maximizer CRM Live user and you want to send an email merge, you’ll need to find another way. Fortunately, the Send Email window in Maximizer Web Access makes this pretty easy to do.

  1. In Web Access, select the entry or entries you want to send the email to and click Actions > Write an email.
  2. You’ll be given the option to send the email to the current entry, the selected entries, or all entries in your list; select whichever option you want and click OK.
  3. Write your email as you normally would. Just like the other options, when you want to insert a merge field, just click the Insert Merge Field button. No surprise there, right?
  4. When you’re ready, click Send.

mail merge 4

The Send Email dialog also lets you save the sent email to the documents tab of the recipient entries and log a note for the entries indicating that the email was sent. You can also save an email as a template to use again later by clicking the Email Templates button next to the Insert Merge Field button in the toolbar.

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