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Practical Advice For SMBs From Social Experts At Twitter, Facebook, And LinkedIn

BY Maximizer
June 24, 2015

A few weeks ago  HubSpot hosted a giant social media marketing webinar featuring experts from Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn (more than 32k people signed up for the event).

These highly knowledgeable employees from each of the big 3 social networks provided insights on how to get more out of their respective platforms. Overall the advice was highly practical and while some was basic I’ve done my best to extract the most valuable (and less common) points on this post.

Here we go!

On How To Provide Better Content

Twitter: People use Twitter to learn about new products and services, to show their support, and to get information they can use. Your content should hit each of these with a maximum of 20% of discussion revolving around your products.

Facebook: Make use of hashtags to extend reach.

LinkedIn: Users come to the platform to learn how to be better at what they do, find opportunity, and grow careers. “Best practices,” “industry tips,” and “trends” are engaging topics that do well on the platform.

On How To Get More Value From The Platforms

Twitter:  Be sure to adhere to all the standard best practices. That said, opportunities probably exist for you to use better photos as well as superior copy in your bio.

Facebook: Again, use better profile and cover photos and take the time to completely fill out your profile.

LinkedIn: Improve your copy and take advantage of keywords which appear in search results on both LinkedIn and external organic search.

On How To Build A Following

Twitter: Tweet good content regularly with the conscious goal of getting retweets. Use hashtags, especially industry hashtags.

Facebook: Companies tend to talk corporate-like on Facebook – resist this urge. Be more human.

LinkedIn: Adhere to all LinkedIn specific tips above.

On Using Social Advertising

Twitter: Be more specific with the advertising of the platform and resist the urge to be generic.

Facebook: Use newsfeed ads - not just the sidebar - as this will show up on Facebook Mobile which has massive usage compared to desktop browser. Take advantage of new advertising features like retargeting, custom audiences, and look-alike audiences.

LinkedIn: Sponsored updates should be used on your most popular posts to extend their reach (over 1% is a good indicator). Be specific in your targeting but not overly so or you’ll hamper your campaign’s reach.

Beyond the Specifics

Beyond the specifics of each platform there was some excellent general advice given out. Most importantly, make sure you’re paying attention to your social analytics. Marketers are presently data-rich and insight-poor as a result of the sheer time it takes to derive accurate insights from a wealth of data.

The old adage is “what gets measured gets managed” but to update that for the 2010s it’s important to note that measurement without attention is worthless.

As you pay more attention to your data you can begin experimenting which brings us to the big buzzword of the webinar – “Always Be Experimenting.”

Good advice for any company.

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