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4 Crucial Strategies When Choosing a Financial Services CRM

BY Patrick Sutherland, Director of Sales (Americas)
March 14, 2018

Whether you're a credit union, broker dealer or bank – your products pass through many hands, entailing numerous stakeholders and reams of red tape. Financial services top the charts when it comes to industry fragmentation and distribution channel complexity; while price wars lead to razor-thin profit margins. Faced with stiff competition in such a turbid environment, businesses turn to FinTech for an edge.

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Top 4 Cloud CRM Myths Busted

BY Reg Robazza, Director Customer + Information Systems (Americas)
March 12, 2018

Companies looking to accelerate profits turn to cloud adoption as a way to stay on the leading edge of major global enterprise software at a cost they can easily absorb. Yet, according to Vice President and Gartner Fellow Daryl Plummer, while extremely valuable, cloud computing also represents one of “the most misunderstood… innovations in current IT and business strategies.”

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Grow with Confidence

BY Vivek Thomas - President
March 8, 2018

Grow with Confidence

It’s time to be more confident!

If you’re reading this article, you’ve probably spotted a few changes to your Maximizer CRM. We’ve improved the interface for a slicker user experience, while bringing in exciting new data management tools. Every month, we continue to roll out pre-built integrations to empower you to effortlessly bring everything together.

This past year, we’ve been thinking a lot about our company, our vision and our future. And we’ve turned to our most trusted source -- our customers -- for advice.  You’ve been inspirational. And we can’t thank you enough.

It’s your input that has helped us focus on our big audacious goal: helping even more businesses achieve outstanding results. Time and time again, you told us that our stellar customer service sets us apart as a market leader in CRM.

For our 2020 plan, we wanted to hone what’s made us great and it seems that it’s our personal interest and human touch that resonates with you. That’s why we’re deepening our commitment to giving you exceptional customer care, exceptional software and an even more personalized CRM.

This year promises to be momentous as we launch our new brand slogan ‘Grow with Confidence’. This slogan speaks to the fact that we’re proud of having helped over 120,000 businesses grow their corporate bottom line with CRM.

Our history as a CRM pioneer and our reputation for exceptional customer service gives us the experience and depth of knowledge necessary to deliver the outstanding advice, support and coaching users need to get the most value from their CRM.

We will continue to innovate to make selling, planning and management ever easier. We’re releasing more integrations every month, and we’ll be building up your dashboards into a supercharged business intelligence suite, helping you achieve a 360 view of your business, see more clearly and make better decisions. And that’s just the start. A lot more new features are coming down the pipe, and we can’t wait for you to see them.

We’re also leveraging our successful 30-year history with CRM to share our experiences, knowledge and a few war stories! So in addition to your free live training webinars, expect insightful tips and tried and tested advice on how you can use CRM for outstanding results -- with new blogs, e-books, videos and webinars delivered right to your digital doorstep.  We’re excited and we’re confident that our fresh approach will invigorate our users.

7 Killer Strategies That Lead to Rock-Solid Contact Management

BY Vivek Thomas - President
March 7, 2018

Your vendor, prospect and customer contact information is like the oil in your business’s engine. It enables your outward-facing team to keeping humming along efficiently. But like motor oil, your contact information degrades over time. You need to be regularly topping it up to ensure everything is accurate and up-to-date.

Maintaining clean, accurate contact information can be really challenging, however, when those contacts are fragmented across multiple Excel files, or Gmail and Outlook accounts. These disjointed records lead to duplicates, mistakes, missed follow-ups and lost opportunities. While managers find it almost impossible to forecast accurately or get visibility into their team’s performance.

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Get it together! – with a new Hubspot connection

BY Jan Carter - Head of Product & Development
February 14, 2018

You depend on your many business apps. Like a surgeon’s tools, each serves a very specific purpose. You’d never give up that precise functionality. Still, you need to bring your data together to align your teams. And manual data entry is just tedious.

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Database Corruption – Why Back-Ups Alone Can’t Protect Your CRM Data

BY Reg Robazza, Director Customer + Information Systems (Americas)
February 13, 2018

Your business's success hinges on the accuracy and integrity of your customer data. That's why you go to great lengths to ensure proper disaster prevention and recovery. But while many companies back up their CRM database every day, a surprising number still don't have a grasp on how to protect against database corruption.

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Surfing the Technological Tsunami: How your practice can thrive in the digital economy

BY Niall Auburn, Marketing Specialist - CRM Wealth Manager
January 5, 2018

Surfing the Technological Tsunami: How your practice can thrive in the digital economy

The Financial Advice industry faces a “technology tsunami” bound to bring sweeping change, according to Market Logics CEO George Hartman in a recent interview. Robo-advisors, video-conferencing, cloud storage and CRM are all reshaping the way advisors work. Those positioned to “ride the tide” will thrive in a digital economy, Hartman added, while those who don’t may find themselves sinking in race-to-the-bottom price competition.

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12 Days of Maximizer Christmas

BY Mike Richardson, Managing Director - EMEA
December 19, 2017

The Holiday Season provides a well-deserved break and an opportunity to reflect and plan.

It is also the perfect time to be thankful and we would like to thank all our readers, customers and partners for this past year together.

We also take the opportunity to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a happy New Year, fantastically successful with your CRM!

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5 Benefits of centralising your business data

BY Alison Smith - Head of Marketing EMEA
December 14, 2017

5 Benefits of centralising your business dataBusinesses continue to collate more and more data. However, what is key to a company’s strategy is the successful interpretation and application of customer data. To get the best results, managing and maintaining key information requires a structured and well-planned strategy. But before you can analyse your findings, centralising your dispersed data via a single platform and by definition, creating ‘one single version of the truth’ is the first step on the road to data management success.

In this blog, we highlight 5 reasons why centralising data will enhance your business.

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Got Cloud Computing Questions? Get them Answered!

BY Mike Richardson, Managing Director - EMEA
November 30, 2017

Got Cloud Computing Questions? Get them Answered!Cloud computing is hailed as the preeminent advancement for 21st Century businesses. However, it’s easy to be overwhelmed with the sheer amount of information available on the cloud and making a reliable evaluation can be time consuming and complicated. To help, we have brought together a brief guide to explain the top 5 questions frequently posed by businesses considering cloud software.

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Reaching Your Target Audience

BY Chris Hickman - Guest Blogger
November 28, 2017

Reaching Your Target AudienceYou’ve done it. You’ve created your own online business and have products or services to sell. Your website is up and running and easy to navigate, full of pictures of your products accompanied by detailed, engaging product descriptions. You’ve also checked that your shopping cart works. Yet, that might not be enough.

In today’s digital world, it`s necessary to define your strategy for business growth. You have to reach your target audience quickly or your website, along with your products, becomes lost in the sea of SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages). So, how do you do that?

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Understanding Investor Bias to Better Serve your Clients

BY John Easton, Director of Wealth Management
November 22, 2017


While many individuals argue they are rational, independent thinkers, the reality is we're all human and subject to biases, shaped by our experiences and emotions. And nowhere is this more evident than in investing. 

According to a recent report from BMO Wealth Management, "Generational Perspectives", people of the same generation demonstrate similar biases when it comes to handling their money. 

As an advisor, part of your job is helping clients put "head over heart" when it comes to building a diversified portfolio, protected against risk. By understanding their common mistakes, you can better coach clients on how to reach their long-term goals. 

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Identify your Profitable Customers to Increase Revenues

BY Tom Jager - Guest Blogger
November 21, 2017

Identify your profitable customers to increase revenuesBusinesses today are spending thousands of dollars on getting new customers. While increasing your customer base certainly sounds great, many forget about retaining the existing customers. This strategy can cause a number of challenges because the probability of selling to an existing customer is actually much higher than to a new prospect.

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How to Optimize Your Business Resources

BY Anand Srinivasan - Guest Blogger
November 14, 2017

How to Optimize Your Business Resources

There is an unwritten rule when it comes to hiring for start-ups: recruit only when your employees are 120% stretched. In other words, start-ups cannot afford to have employees who are not a hundred percent utilized. There is simply no room for ‘excess’. But while this makes business sense, you may also be bringing down the morale of your employees by overworking them. The solution is to optimize your business resources, so that you can extract greater productivity from your team before you start recruiting new people.

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How to Grow Channel Partner Revenues with CRM

BY Jan Carter - Head of Product & Development
November 8, 2017

You rely on your partners to sell your products across different geographies. But managing these partners can be a huge challenge. You need to motivate a group outside your organization and collect their sales information for forecasts. This may mean spending unreasonable hours on the phone and emailing to keep partners aligned with your business.

As your sales network gets bigger, this work only gets harder, slowing the growth of your channel revenues. But there's a way to scale up with fewer growing pains -- by bringing your partner information together onto the same platform as your direct sales tools.

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