Maximizer CRM 2018 is here - Connecting you like never before

Maximizer CRM 2018 is here

BY Vivek Thomas - President
October 18, 2017

#M2018 CRM 2018 is here

Connecting you like never before 

Your business pays a steep toll for disconnection. Employees spend more time switching between apps than using them; while you struggle to coordinate your team and get visibility across your business.  

But what if there was a way to quickly connect your business, with collective intelligence on customer preferences, history and status? 

Well, now there is. Today's release, Maximizer CRM 2018, helps you bring everything together, quickly and easily, so you connect with your customers, prospects and business partners like never before. 

Bring together the data, people and apps that matter to you 

In the age of the customer, a personalized customer experience makes all the difference towards winning customer loyalty. But customer engagement is incredibly complex. Forward-facing teams need accurate, relevant data close at hand to make informed decisions on the fly; meaning they typically work with multiple apps – a CRM, email, chat, financial history, service history and much more. 

Our vision is to empower Maximizer users to deliver outstanding customer service through access to integrated data in a secure app environment.  On top of changes to the UI that speed you up, Maximizer CRM 2018 makes it easy to connect the dots between your data, people and apps. Now your team can work smarter and deliver personalized service across each touch point, while you get fresh insights on customer behavior. 

The new App Directory connects your records in Maximizer with your business-critical apps, including Outlook and Gmail in seconds at no added charge, through the power of pre-built integrations. While the directory's App Store-like layout makes shopping a breeze. Be sure to check the directory regularly as we roll out more connections each month. This release, we connect you with your QuickBooks -- giving you a simple view of each customer's payment status right inside Maximizer. 

Another big upgrade are two new data management tools that work splendidly together. You can now quickly integrate data from spreadsheets and other systems using a new Import tool. While updating your data is a cinch thanks to a revamped Global Edit. Both tools run ultra-reliably, allowing for huge imports or updates. 

Finally, the new Partner Portal – acting like a mini-version of your CRM – gives you a clear view across each external sales channel. Partners can access the portal through any web-enabled device to manage leads and opportunities, and contribute to sales forecasts. While you control what partners see and edit. 

When to expect your Maximizer CRM 2018 upgrades 

You won't have to wait long before you get connected with the new feature enhancements. CRM Live customers will have been automatically upgraded from October 18th; while on-premise subscribers and maintenance customers can request their upgrade here.

To learn more about Maximizer CRM 2018, why not watch up for our on-demand guided tour webinar.

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