Drum roll please - The new Maximizer CRM 2017 is Here!

Maximizer CRM 2017 is here!

BY Peter Nielsen, Manager of Products
October 25, 2016

Maximizer CRM 2017

Drum roll please – launch day is here and the product team is super excited (and a bit relieved) to share Maximizer CRM 2017 with folks across the globe.

It’s been a busy year, filled with many months of planning and development, including four full months of testing (kudos to our customer advisory board and certified business partners for their help). We fine tuned the new features and functionality based on feedback we received, conducted even more testing and squeezed in a few extras we thought our users would love!

For example, we added automations to increase productivity, gave users the power to set up multiple business processes based on customer segments, expanded the API infrastructure to support integrations with other business tools and introduced a user-friendly design that makes spending the day in Maximizer CRM 2017 easy on the eyes and spirit.

Here are some of the most exciting things we’ve done to enhance the user experience, ramp up your productivity and help you connect to other business systems to deepen your customer insight:

  1.     Productivity Boosters

  • Business Processes for Each Customer Segment -
    Why treat all customers the same when you can tailor your business processes and opportunity stages to match the buying lifecycle of each customer group? Set up business processes for each segment to provide proactive, relevant service and support.
  • Automatic Elapsed Time/Duration Calculation - Automatically calculates elapsed time from a start date. Easily setup to track critical timeframes such as time passed since last contact, contract renewal dates and personal anniversaries. Can be used to automatically update data displayed in dashboards, searches and column views.
  • Customized Templates for Appointments and Reminders - Elevate the professionalism of your communication by creating branded email templates for notifications and reminders. Create multiple templates for different audiences or communication types, with headers and footers that reinforce your corporate story.
  • Simplified Reporting Setup - Choose a column setup before generating a report to view the extract dataset you need. Simplified one-click report generation gets you relevant information faster and easier.
  1.   Adoption and Ease of Use

  • Modern, clean interface - Fresh colours, easy to read type
  • Calendar Usability - Significantly easier to see the availability of co-workers and resources such as meeting rooms, ownership over appointments you set up, easy to read appointment details
  • Module Identification - Clearer identification of which CRM module you’re working in
  • Floating Notification Panel - Non-intrusive notification of events, tasks, etc. even when your browser window is minimized.
  1. Enhanced API Platform

  • Expanding list of enterprise application integration (EAI) technologies that we work with to enrich the breadth of solutions available to customers in the cloud, and provide deeper customer insight
  • Integration with Outlook - Do more without switching systems - easily add new contact details and email communication, and quickly set up a Sales Opportunity or follow-up Task in Maximizer from within Outlook.

Check out Maximizer CRM 2017 in a fully functioning 15 Day Free Trial.

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