The Gift That Keeps On Giving – MAXFLIX S1E02

Max Flix

For those of you who are new here..MAXFLIX is a thought-provoking panel series of global experts discussing the good, the bad, and the ugly of growing your business. Biased to the technology of course, but not just CRM. We are calling them episodes (a cheeky little play on the household name in streaming services). We launched Episode 2 last week, The Gift That Keeps On Giving. The live session included a global panel of Artemy Kirnichansky (Zita Associates) and Adam Wilson (Maximizer) from Canada, and Becky Jamieson from the United Kingdom (Unimax Solutions). Focussed on customer success, our panel deconstructed some key statistics and discussed how leveraging customer interactions can boost loyalty, retention, and growth, especially through the right use of technology. The top four stats. that were discussed included:

Watch the full unscripted episode on “The Gift That Keeps On Giving” below.

In case you missed our last episode hosted in October, How The Hybrid Workforce Broke Sales, you can watch it here. If you would like to attend one of our live episodes or be a contributor on our panel please email us at Stay tuned to our channels for the details, or subscribe here to get an invite straight to your inbox.

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