Top 7 Strategies to promote your events on LinkedIn

LinkedIn Marketing – Top 7 Strategies for Making Connections at Live Events

BY Michael Lundberg - Guest Blogger
October 10, 2016

LinkedIn MarketingEvent marketing, especially when done through LinkedIn, is one of the most effective ways of increasing attendance and engagement for your next event. With over 396 million individuals online, LinkedIn represents a huge opportunity for event promotion. Although most marketers generally prefer to use this platform for lead generation, very few even today have been using it specifically in order to promote their events online.

The best part? Unlike Facebook, which is heavily declining, you don’t have to spend money on ads to reach out your marketing audience on LinkedIn. Given here are some of our favourite techniques in order to use LinkedIn for event marketing. These tips can also be used to increase engagement, ticket sales, attract new sponsors, amplifying the event messages.

Status Updates on your LinkedIn page


One of the most obvious methods of communicating on LinkedIn is sharing a personal update with your connections, followed by a link to your website or the Events page. This is done by posting a few lines and then adding the URL into the update. LinkedIn will then scan the entire pages for images, letting you choose which image you can use in the update. You can also use the LinkedIn share button on the event page itself. If you have a nice stand out image at hand, you can then attach this post on LinkedIn, grabbing the attention of your marketing audience.

Event promotion on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook

LinkedIn share an eventOn your LinkedIn event page, you will have the ability of grabbing the link to the page and then promoting it on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. Always have your events promoted stating the primary benefits that your target audience expects to receive by attending the event. How is this going to help them in growing their business or be more successful? Plus, encourage your attendees or the non-attendees to promote the event for you. Just by stating things like please help in spreading a word can do much more through the social media promotion efforts.

Targeted LinkedIn Invitations

LinkedIn advanced searchDid you know that you can use LinkedIn to search individuals in your target audience whom you are already connected to? Using the advanced people search option on LinkedIn, you can filter down the results by how to get connected, for example 1st connection, 2nd connection, members of the group followed by the location, keyword and industry.

Company Page on LinkedIn

LinkedIn company pageThe first place on LinkedIn where you need to be promoting your event is your company page. You can either have an event invitation or advertisement on your company page. You will have to build these posts into your overall strategic social media marketing campaign, building a buzz with frequent posts that include updates on who the speakers are, event app download information or posts that will help you drive traffic to your event page of LinkedIn.

Direct or personalized invites

LinkedIn direct inviteWhenever you choose to share an event on LinkedIn, you can send a direct message to all your connections. This is one of the best ways of getting your event directly in front of people interested in attending through a personalized message. It is also an excuse for you to reach out to those connections with whom you must have lost touch.

LinkedIn Groups

LinkedIn groupsSending promotional messages to groups is another way of getting your event seen by the target market. Don’t just be a part of your groups, thinking you can market your events to them. This tactic will most likely lead you to be removed from the group. You need to be active and participate in order to effectively promote your event. Do not forget to support the other group members too, by commenting and engaging in their on-going discussions. This is how others will get to know more about you! Having your promotional post for your upcoming event will be positively received and is an excellent way to penetrate with your marketing audiences.

Using Sponsored Updates

LinkedIn adsLinkedIn Marketing Solutions is considered to be more successful, allowing you to amplify your messages. You can have your event ads promoted on LinkedIn meeting your specific target audience, selecting audiences based on the criterias you select. This technique gives you the ability to expand your reach, promoting your event to all the potential attendees. Getting yourself engaged truly can have a great impact on your outcome.

In conclusion

Be patient, it can take several days or weeks to get good results, so give yourself enough time from the event to begin with the LinkedIn activities. Revisit your points by asking yourself what you have been doing to support the overall objectives. We are looking forward to hearing from you on how LinkedIn marketing can be made better.

Michael LundbergMichael is the Marketing Manager at Ampliz, specializing in email and marketing database management software, editing blogs, case studies, and guides. She tries to make the world just a bit more pleasant enough by working on strategies that would help them prevent and eliminate spam in terms of email marketing.

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