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Gleeson Financial Group Selects Maximizer CRM For Wealth Management Solution

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June 24, 2015

coinsMaximizer Software, is pleased to announce that the Maximizer CRM for Wealth Management solution was recently selected by the Clients’ Edge Group (CEG) as the platform to help support the  continued growth of their thriving business.  Moving forward with Maximizer CRM came as a result of closing evaluating their unique business requirements and selecting a CRM partner that was the best possible fit for a financial services provider.

During an internal business process review CEG identified a number of crucial areas of client management that could be improved to significantly increase efficiency.

“Consolidating client information to capture all the investment products and services within an entire portfolio had become a time consuming task. We could not quickly access one snap shot of all client details within one place. There was also a need to formalize and automate follow up tasks for all client interactions and client meetings to ensure nothing fell through the cracks.” Explained Nicole Loveman, Branch Manager.

Starting the search for a new CRM solution quickly became a priority and CEG began to evaluate available options. This process quickly identified the major difference between generic CRM and solutions developed with an understanding of the unique needs of wealth management groups.

“We had not considered Maximizer CRM until we learned about the new Wealth Management edition and saw a solution that was created specifically for our industry.” explained Loveman. “With other CRM providers you basically start with a blank, generic platform that you need to customize to try and make it work for your business."

"With Maximizer, we saw a great deal of what we needed already in place and it seemed to already fit how our financial group operates.”

Similar to most organizations introducing a new CRM, making a change would have a significant impact on the operations of CEG. A detailed plan was put in place to evaluate options to ensure a high level of CRM adoption and a strong fit to the specific industry requirements at CEG.

“We have a range of users that have different comfort levels with technology and using new software. It was important we selected a solution that was easy to use and highly intuitive,” said Loveman

“We did a head-to-head comparison between Maximizer and other CRM providers. Prior to any training, each department was asked to complete some common tasks in Maximizer. Every single user was able to quickly navigate through the tool and easily figure out the system. Maximizer was the clear winner for ease of use and being very user friendly.”

Looking ahead, CEG is expecting to see a dramatic increase in productivity that will enable them to spend even more time with their clients. Another anticipated benefit is the ability to identify new opportunities to expand the depth of services they provide each client.

“With a complete client snapshot and financial profile captured in Maximizer we are planning to better identify gaps in the products we provide clients,  this will help identify potential opportunities to better service clients by ensuring they have the ideal mix of products in their financial planning portfolio.”

Clients’ Edge Group

The Clients’ Edge Group have been providing a broad range of services, products and plans to meet the diverse needs of clients. They work closely with clients to carefully consider individual needs, goals and dreams in order to implement a well-constructed financial plan, so that clients can have peace of mind about their financial future.

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