Effective Content Marketing Methods That Still Work And Are Safe

Content Marketing Methods That Still Work And Are Safe

BY Mauricio Prinzlau - Guest Blogger
December 26, 2016

Content Marketing Methods That Still Work And Are SafeManaging your website can be cumbersome, especially with the ever growing competition and customer demands. This is because although the virtual platform is a smart way to venture out into the global market, it requires a fair investment of time and effort. Also, the transparent framework is more of a hindrance bringing all your shortcomings to the fore. Content marketing and management is the need of the hour; discussed below are the top 5 content marketing solutions that are still effective and absolutely safe to use.

The need for content marketing

The need for content marketingWeb entrepreneurs all over the world have stressed on the importance of content and how it is a determining factor for the success of your business online. The trick is to post good quality content consistently; however, this is easier said than done: personal commitments, deadlines and work pressure can be major hindrances blocking your way. Effective content marketing tools and strategies such as SEO, CRM tools and building links improve your website’s visibility and ranking. Here are some tips to help you increase the appeal of your content:

  • Lengthy, engaging and well researched content is interesting
  • Add images, videos and graphs
  • Include bullet lists to present the content concisely
  • Appreciate and encourage reviews and feedback.

Target a particular audience group

Target a particular audience groupBefore we begin with the marketing solutions, it is important that you’ve decided the type of viewer you wish to target. Focusing on one audience group and prioritising is a smart way to narrow down the work. Avoid relying on just one buyer persona profile to determine your target group. Expand your targeted group and try incorporating a diverse mix of customers. This would help you venture out into other equally profitable arenas as well.

1. LinkedIn for building B2B connections

LinkedIn for building B2B connectionsCreating a profile on LinkedIn is a sure shot way to attract prospective customers. As per a study conducted by Content Marketing Institute (CMI) LinkedIn is the most effective platform to build B2B (Business to Business) relations. Also, your profile on LinkedIn can help you manage all the potential client information in one place. From linking your blogs to posting original content and joining groups, you can do it all here! Participating in groups helps you interact with like-minded entrepreneurs and customers.

2. Infographics, charts and slides

Infographics, charts and slidesOnly posting regularly is not enough, it is time you spice things up a bit. Adding images, graphs and pie charts is a great way to increase the appeal of your website. Also, a proper SEO management system can really boost your visibility, i.e. increasing your reach. Infographics are a powerful tool to boost your online presence, helping you generate and channelize online traffic. Charts and slide shares also keep your audience engaged and interested.

3. Be active on social media

Be active on social mediaSocial networking websites are also a great way to strengthen customer relations. Social media sites generate the maximum traffic that you can tap and use to your benefit. Websites such as Facebook and Twitter are an effective platform for advertising your product or service. And the recent high tech features offered by these sites help you reach out to a specific audience group and effectively channelize your resources.

4. Sponsor ads on your website

Sponsor ads on your websiteEntrepreneurs can even opt for external marketing methods other than the ones mentioned above to maximize the earnings. Promoting paid ads on your website is an easy way to earn commission. Statistics prove how more than 65% of the marketers have occasionally turned to paid advertisements from Google or other search engines to boost their business. PPC or pay per click ads are among the most effective tactics for promoting your website, fast replacing the older and obsolete marketing methods.

5. Content marketing and the cloud

Content marketing and the cloudUsing cloud storage facilities is a smart way to organise and manage your content online. Other than the unlimited storage and easy retrieval services, the cloud also offers users a responsive platform for interacting with both customers and other businessmen. Read on to know more about the top 5 cloud based content marketing platforms and how they can boost your website reach:

  • Oracle marketing cloud

    The Oracle marketing cloud offers users so much more than just content marketing solutions. The extensive database and top quality graphics further simplify your work. A user friendly and effective tool, it focuses on expanding the social component of your business.

  • DivvyHQ

    A comprehensive tool that allows you to collect and manage all your content in one place, DivvyHQ is a robust and responsive cloud based marketing tool. Other than the wide storage capacity, it also helps you customise the content as per your need; you can even create a list of ideas and use it for later.

  • Compendium

    With its high tech customisable tools, maps and calendar based tools, Compendium helps you track the prospective customers. With compendium everyone, from employees to customers can create content on your website. Link it to the social networking accounts, tag and share it with many people to enhance your online visibility. At Compendium, users can even track their progress and get necessary feedback highlighting areas that need improvement.

  • WordPress

    The many plugins offered by WordPress have revolutionised the content marketing industry. Anyone can create content and post in on this surprisingly user friendly platform. The clear drag and drop interface and customisable tools assist you in better content management and marketing. With WordPress, both small scale and large enterprises can promote their business online.

  • Kapost

    This helps you manage all your content in a single platform. From blog posts to images, from videos to e-books, infographics and emails etc., you can access it all in one place. With Kapost, users can formulate effective strategies to get the maximum profit out of the content posted. You can even share your posts with others on cloud, building links with customers online.

The bottom line:The bottom line:

With the many innovation and improvements in the marketing tools, the future of content marketing looks very promising.

Mauricio PrinzlauMauricio is the lead Cloud expert at Cloudwards.net, a data and user feedback driven comparison engine for cloud storage, online backup and VPN apps and services. In addition, he also loves producing educational videos and reviews to help people get the best services for their needs. Get in touch with him on LinkedIn.

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