How We Strive for Customer Success

At Maximizer, we know two things for sure:

  1. The path to success involves getting high value out of your investment in technology
  2. Happy customers are loyal customers – which is good for everyone

With these two simple points in mind, we’ve developed a set of resources designed to ensure that your experience with Maximizer CRM is a great one from the day you start your Free Trial!

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Effectively Using Dashboards

Effectively using DashboardsWhen I volunteered to write a blog on dashboards, the first thoughts that popped to mind were – who is the audience, what should I cover and how long should it be?

Opinions on blog length and content vary widely… So why did I mention that in a blog about dashboards? Because many people take the same approach to running their business.

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Introducing Maximizer Professional Services

Maximizer Professional ServicesDid you know the Maximizer Professional Services team and our business partners not only provide consultants to get you up and running quickly with your Maximizer CRM or Maximizer CRM Live Solution, but also:

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Why I Made The Move To Mobile Access

business man hand use mobile phone streaming virtual business network process diagram

business man hand use mobile phone streaming virtual business network process diagram

I’ve been a Maximizer user for a number of years now, and in that time I’ve used the Windows application and Web Access, but I’ve never really been a user of the wireless options. Well, with the recent release of Maximizer CRM 12 Winter 2012, I decided that maybe it was time to give Maximizer Mobile Access another chance. All I can say is that I wish I’d done this a year ago.

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The Details Tab – A New Look For Address Book Entries

blog organizationEarlier this year, I upgraded to the brand-new Maximizer CRM 12 Winter 2012. The new version saw a lot of changes, but as a long-time Web Access user the biggest change that I noticed in the new version is definitely the updated interface in the Address Book page. I have to admit, I was skeptical at first, when I clicked on an Address Book entry I no longer got my familiar Address Book dialog to show me the contact details. Well, having used the new interface for a while now, I can say without hesitation that I’m a huge fan. It has changed the way I interact with Maximizer, and is saving me heaps of time in the routine tasks that I do day-to-day.

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JUMPSTART YOUR CRM Video Tutorial Series

inside sales
When it comes to any software or solution, getting started is often the hardest part.

The Jumpstart Your CRM series helps “jumpstart” any user’s familiarity and understanding of key functionalities in Maximizer, as well as bringing to light all the great features and capabilities that can help users increase their day-to-day productivity.
If you have a request for a video tutorial for the “Jumpstart Your CRM” series email us directly at or Tweet us @MaximizerCRM.

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Where To Turn When You Need Help

GooglePlus_ProfileImageMaximizer is a powerful tool for managing customer relationships and helping you make better business decisions. However, with all that power comes some degree of complexity. Maximizer has so many features across the areas of contact management, sales force automation, customer service, and marketing automation that no one user can be expected to know it all. I’ve been using Maximizer on a daily basis for years now and there are still features in it that I’ve barely scratched the surface of.

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Video Tutorial: Create A custom View Of information

Jumpstart Maximizer CRM Video Series

crmadoptionjumpYou may have hundreds of basic and customized fields within Maximizer. By customizing your column set up – get the details you need right at your finger tips.

Easily customize the information you want to view by creating multiple list views using the ‘Column Setup’ tool, found in the Address Book, Opportunities, and Customer Service modules in Maximizer. You can also associate a Column Setup with a saved Catalog Search or Favorite List in Maximizer.

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Keep Your Email Campaigns Out Of The Junk Folder

GooglePlus_ProfileImageOne of Maximizer’s most powerful features for connecting with your customers is its email marketing engine. Email campaigns let you communicate personalized, targeted marketing content to tens, hundreds, even thousands of contacts, all the while gathering valuable data on open and clickthrough rates that you can use to evaluate the effectiveness of your campaigns. When it comes to engaging your customers, it’s hard to find a tool that does it better.

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Get The Most From Maximizer Mobile Access

GooglePlus_ProfileImageLast week I talked about some of the reasons I’ve started using Maximizer Mobile Access. For the most part the transition has been painless, but it has had a few hiccups, and there are a few things that I’ve done to make things easier. Today I want to share some of what I’m doing to get the most out of Mobile Access.

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