CRM as a System of Engagement

Maximizer CRM 2017 system of engagementMaximizer has been helping businesses grow since we were founded in 1987, shipping over 1.6 million licenses to over 150,000 customers worldwide since then. Throughout our almost 30 year history, Maximizer CREW members and our certified business partners have helped customers succeed by giving them the insight needed to grow their businesses. With Maximizer CRM 2017, we continue to expand on that, by rolling out a solution that helps improve customer engagement at every point of interaction.

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How CRM Can Increase Your Student Recruitment

CRM for student recruitment With many institutions going after an application, student recruitment is a critical part of the student lifecycle. For institutions to survive and flourish; they must take into account the changing needs of today’s students. That means being efficient and highly effective across the entire student acquisition lifecycle, from marketing and first contact through to acceptance and registration; technology plays a key role in this lifecycle.

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