Got Cloud Computing Questions? Get them Answered!

Got Cloud Computing Questions? Get them Answered!Cloud computing is hailed as the preeminent advancement for 21st Century businesses. However, it’s easy to be overwhelmed with the sheer amount of information available on the cloud and making a reliable evaluation can be time consuming and complicated. To help, we have brought together a brief guide to explain the top 5 questions frequently posed by businesses considering cloud software.

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The Supreme Role of Cloud Computing in Media and Entertainment Industry – A Perspective

The Supreme Role of Cloud Computing in Media and Entertainment IndustryChanging consumer preferences for content consumption, increased consumer exposure to globally relevant digital content, incessant improvements in content display technologies and hardware, and technological advancements in general; everything has changed the way digital content is delivered to consumers.

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Unhacked, cloud and backup providers with the strongest security today

cloud and backup providers with the strongest security todayHow relaxed do you feel when you roam around with your car keys, whose duplicate versions have been stored as a backup in a safe place?

And while availing the services of cloud backup providers for your business’ data, the same feeling is bound to exist. After all, your local data would be backed up online on one or more servers that are safeguarded by the service providers. You also use backup services. In this way, when your local data is no longer available (due to it being deleted or because of any other similar reason), you can quickly restore it from the cloud.

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How CRM changed cloud and cloud changed CRM

How CRM changed cloud and cloud changed CRMCRM (Customer Relationship Management) is one of the forerunners of cloud technologies and remains one of the great success stories in the space and itself has been dramatically changed as it has moved from an on network led market to the verge of being dominated by cloud offerings.

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5 CRM Benefits That May Not Be Obvious to End Users

5 CRM Benefits That May Not Be Obvious to End UsersCRM solutions exist to help you succeed – build deeper relationships with your customers, proactively anticipate and address their needs, provide stellar customer service and more. You need to know how to leverage the best options available to increase efficiency and implement business processes that have a high impact on your success.

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What’s behind the Tornado surrounding the Cloud?

Find out why you should move your business to the cloudI’m sure you agree the word “cloud” is attached to pretty much everything these days – and I’m not talking about why some folks couldn’t see the shooting stars filling the sky during last weekend’s Perseid meteor shower! In reality, the cloud is uber relevant in both our personal and business lives.

For example, we save our personal photos, videos and online conversations to the cloud, so that we can share them easily with family and friends, while businesses have many applications “up there”. Rather than installing and maintaining software on an internal server, companies are taking advantage of SaaS (Software as a Service) cloud-based server solutions.

Maximizer, too, is part of the cloud. We allow customers to either install Maximizer CRM on their own servers (their cloud) or on Maximizer Servers (our cloud).

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What is Cloud and why is it the No. 1 choice for SMEs?

what is cloud computing?Although more and more businesses are enjoying the benefits of cloud computing, there are still lots of companies out there who have yet to take advantage of this growing trend. If you’re among these people, but don’t want to miss out on the benefits the cloud can bring, hopefully I can help you get to grips with it.

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What Is Web Access and How Does It Differ From Cloud CRM?

on premise web access CRM vs cloud crmCRM industry news has heavily revolved around the cloud for a few years now and there has been various predictions forecasting the end of traditional on-premise CRM software. Looking at the success of cloud CRM, it isn’t surprising that such speculation is taking place, and when you consider the decline of the PC and the rise of the mobile device, it actually makes a lot of sense to foresee office based on-premise CRM dying out.

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How To Transition From On-premise To Cloud CRM?

You’ve made the decision to move your established on-premise system into the cloud, and you will see the benefits from having information at your fingertips everywhere you go…but where do you go from here? How do you actually go about implementing the system, and making the transition as smooth as possible?

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Considerations For Migrating Your CRM To The Cloud

crm, cloud, migrationIn our last post we looked at choosing the right cloud platform for your hosted CRM application. This time round we’re looking at what your business needs to consider before you migrate your data into the cloud.

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