Take the Guesswork out of your Strategy

Take the Guesswork out of your StrategyYou are in business to make a profit. Can you reliably tell which customers are helping fulfil that goal? You have probably identified the customers that interact with you most frequently, but does their frequency realistically mean they will bring you profit?

The reality is that not all customers are created equal; in fact, some require such significant support that they can rapidly eat into your profitability or even generate a loss.

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7 Steps to Supercharge your Sales Process

Supercharge your Sales ProcessIn the B2B world sales cycles can sometimes be quite slow. Add to that the sluggish economy, high cost of your product and a lack of qualified leads and you have the recipe for a painfully slow sales cycle.

Although  the rewards might be worth it; having a slow sales cycle has its downsides such as cash flow issues, increased risk of the sale failing through and the inevitable stress it places on sales reps.

Speeding the sales process depends on several factors, some of which are unfortunately out of the sales organization’s reach. Instead of just blaming external factors focus on improving what you CAN control.

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The Science Of Selling More

sell itWhile many may see “selling” as a social skill, successful selling is, in fact, quite calculable. There are specific practices that salespeople can use to engage more leads and to close more deals.

The art versus science debate of selling has gone on for years, however one aspect cannot be denied. There is a definite science, an intellectual, systematic method that has led many down the path of transforming prospects into satisfied customers.

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Sales! Drive Lead Conversion by Embracing Content Creation

Content creation Recently our Head of Marketing has been preaching about the changing consumer purchasing habits and how Marketing are now shouldering the majority of the sales funnel. In short, and I hate to admit it, Marketing are right! According to Forrester Research, buyers are 67% to 90% of the way through the buying journey before they even consider talking to me and my team. Instead, 95% of buyers chose a solution provider that provided them with ample content to help navigate through each stage of the sales process, completing their own due diligence.

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4 Reasons Why You Should Stay Away from Purchased Lead Lists

Purchased lists Every business needs sales in order to be successful. This means your sales team is talking to clients and prospects on a daily basis and entering information into the CRM system. Sales are the lifeblood of your business, but what if you’ve run out of people to talk to? Should you purchase a lead list? This is the question that many businesses ask themselves on a regular basis. Let’s discuss some of the pitfalls of list buying.

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Why is Your Sales Team Missing Revenue?

Why is Your Sales Team Missing the Revenue?Every business should have the goal to maximize sales as a way to generate more revenue for expansion, research, charity, operating expenses or etc. However, there are a few pitfalls that many sales teams continue to fall prey to, again and again.

Betting on the Wrong Horse

A salesperson can generate dozens of leads daily, however if those leads are not qualified – if they aren’t at the appropriate point in the sales cycle, if they don’t have the budget or the authority to make the buying decision, if they aren’t willing to invest the time to learn about your product – it may not be worth it to pour hours upon hours of effort to pursue those leads. Be sure that your sales team has an effective process to weed out unqualified prospects.  Or instead you can always phase in an inbound marketing strategy to generate more qualified leads at a lower cost.

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Choose right: five easy steps to an informed CRM decision

informed CRM decisionAlthough more and more companies are investing in CRM software, there are still too many not reaping the benefits, often because the CRM selected does not meet their business needs or is poorly configured.

So, if you’re looking to invest in CRM this year, determine your company’s requirements first and then choose a solution and a provider that best fit the bill, by using the following five easy steps:

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Sales incentive schemes have the power to be a winning formula for ROI

ThinkSales-Talent-Motivating-Oct-2010Most companies rely heavily on the success of sales staff heavily for driving business profits, so optimising performance can have a huge difference on your business. A sales incentive scheme can boost sales revenues, without having drawbacks on other key business functions – such as customer service and lead generation. In fact, a happy and driven sales team will not only boost profits, they will also deliver better customer interactions and, in turn, generate better leads.

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Closing the Sale at the Start of the Cycle

close sales at the start of the sales cycleWe generally associate the end of a cycle with the term “closing” – the process of which you’ve gained the trust of the customer and are about to finalise the transaction. I’m going to tell you now that closing starts at the start of the cycle.

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How to Use Your CRM As The Basis For A Performance Conversation

performance review using CRMUse the information that’s right at your fingertips… literally. If you use a CRM system, USE the CRM!

This sounds obvious I know, but many sales organizations treat their CRM as a landfill. The data goes in but never comes out. It’s like most Knowledge Management system. We are encouraged to populate the system with proposals, insights, and strategies for handling objections, but we never actually go to the system to find an answer to a tough sales problem.

I believe that it’s the responsibility of the Sales Leader to use the insights that sit right in their CRM to their advantage AND to the benefit of their salespeople.

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