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7 Steps To Enhance CRM Performance

BY webmaster
June 24, 2015

A successful Customer Relationship Management initiative is about more than just the technology. Your CRM initiative touches people, both employees and customers, and changes the processes of how they interact. Here’s what we think are the ‘7 Steps to Enhance CRM Performance'.

Step 1: Define Processes
Determine the impact of current processes and identify new ones that will support the continued growth and goals of your business. With introduction of new technology or business expansion, processes change and new ones are often needed.

Step 2: Define Polices
Determine if the introduction of new technology or the expansion of your business requires changes to your existing policies and if any new policies need to be implemented.

Step 3: Plan Performance Metrics
Define specific performance metrics for your CRM initiative based on your objectives at the outset of the project and implement reporting to track progress.

Step 4: Review Structure
Review your existing organizational structure to identify and determine if any changes or additions are necessary to support revised or new processes.

Step 5: Audit Skillsets
Audit existing skillsets and plan for any new skills that are essential to support your CRM initiative and determine the process and technology training required to develop those skills.

Step 6: Create Rewards
Implement a rewards program to encourage adoption of new policies and processes and maximize the effectiveness of your CRM initiative.

Step 7: Build a Culture
Cultivate a culture in which your CRM becomes the system that is used in the organization for all customer-facing activity to support the continued growth of your business.

Did we miss any key steps?

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