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5 Ways LinkedIn Can Accelerate Your Career

BY Maximizer
June 24, 2015

linkedinIt is no secret that LinkedIn can be a great tool for sales reps but how effective is this central business hub for career advancement?

According to Dan Schawbel, a Forbes contributor, LinkedIn is one of the largest “job boards” in the world. It's time to stop tweaking your paper resume and instead channel your energy toward creating a killer LinkedIn profile.

If you want to land that dream job, here are some of the ways you can use LinkedIn.

Leverage Information

LinkedIn has a wealth of information about what skills, traits and credentials employers are looking for. You can also network with those professionals who currently have your dream job, but more on that later. Using this valuable information you can concentrate on sharpening your skills and building your profile.

Showcase Your Skills

An online blog or personal webpage can be a nightmare to keep up to date and filled with relevant content. Even if your personal online space is stellar, the question is, who will bother looking at it?

LinkedIn offers you the platform and interface for you to build your resume and showcase your portfolio or projects. With over 260 million users worldwide there is a much higher likelihood hiring managers and recruiters will take a look at your profile compared to your obscure webpage that is hiding somewhere in the depths of cyberspace.

Network With Like Minded Individuals

You may find it hard to meet like-minded individuals with the same professional aspirations as you, but I guarantee there is a LinkedIn group full of people with the same career ambitions as you. With over 2.1 million LinkedIn groups, there is a wealth of unfiltered knowledge already posted and dozens of people willing to network with you and answer your questions.

The trick is to find the right, active group. Until you know what to look for, join any group that fits your career path and remember, if you have something important to say don’t hesitate to contribute.

Networking on LinkedIn groups is an art in and of itself. If you want to gain some more insight read our LinkedIn Networking Article.

Although virtual networking can be a great resource nothing beats in person networking. If your LinkedIn group meets periodically be sure to go out and introduce yourself to other members of the group.

Take Advantage of Professionals' Generosity

LinkedIn is full of professionals and industry leaders, many of whom share their insight for the good of others. These leaders, in exchange for a little bit of fame, offer a well filled with information that doesn’t have a corporate spin. These articles are your source for key insider information.

If you’re adventurous and outgoing you can approach one of these industry leaders, pick their minds and make a new contact. Relationships like these develop your skills and may come in handy in the near future. In other words, be outgoing! This is not optional, which brings us to our final point.

Be Ambitious

Meet contacts, apply for your dream job, and make people aware of you and your long term ambitions. Build your online resume and project your abilities in the light that makes you perfect for your future career.

Your dream career is well within reach with the help of LinkedIn but remember, it’s an upward climb. You should realize *your* career is not a prefabricated building - with proper use of LinkedIn you can build to your dreams with one of the best materials available.

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