4 Easy Ways To Increase Your Number Of Twitter Followers

4 Easy Ways To Increase Your Number Of Twitter Followers

BY Becky Brown - Former Digital Marketing Executive
April 27, 2016

Increase Your Number Of Twitter FollowersWhile many businesses are seeing their number of Twitter followers soar, others are still left wondering “what’s their secret?” B2C companies may wonder how to engage their customers on Twitter, and B2B companies are trying to figure out whether Twitter is right for them.

Well, by incorporating simple strategies, businesses of all sizes, B2B or B2C, can watch their numbers climb organically and with minimal effort.

So don’t give up on Twitter, until you read this!

Use Twitter to Provide Value to Your Industry

Twitter users turn to the rapidly growing platform to seek out content that’s relevant to their industry. People are looking get more twitter followers for information that is timely and interesting to share with their followers by retweeting.

Once they see that you consistently provide good content that they’re interested in, they’ll be in it for the long haul and you can count on their “follow”.

Check into the “Trending Topics” daily and whenever a trending topic is relevant to your brand, jump in the conversation. Search the hash tag and retweet away – or even better, weigh in on the conversation with custom tweets about your brand.

Don’t be technical and starchy with your language. But use a brand voice that resonates with your customers.

If you are in a B2B line of business, use your Twitter platform to establish your organization as a leader in the industry. Publish case studies and articles that link to your blog.

Have you learned a strategy that’s working for your company? Share it with your customers. The decision makers within that industry will happily consume your content, retweet and follow your Twitter handle to stay in the know for the latest trends and cutting edge practices.

Be Consistent

There is nothing worse than a Twitter platform that is updated sporadically or infrequently! If you’re unable to maintain the Twitter updates, it’s better not to have a Twitter page at all.

When potential customers come to your Twitter page, they will view your organization as out of touch and irrelevant based on your out-dated content.

Now, there are social media tools that allow Twitter users to unfollow anyone who hasn’t updated their platform with a few clicks.

So even if you post great content, if you aren’t actively publishing content to Twitter, you may be unfollowed by those who were previously interested in your brand.

For frequent Twitter users, you can actually gain recommendations from Twitter if you use the platform often. The more you use Twitter, the more they promote your brand.

Twitetr followers - following backDo You Follow Back

Another strategy to gain followers is to find people who may be interested in your brand, by using Twitter’s search feature, and following them.

When they notice that you’ve followed them, they may very well return the favor and follow you back. You can also use an app such as Tweepi to unfollow any one that hasn’t followed you back, after a certain period of time.

Create Promotions and Giveaways

Be sure to connect your Twitter strategy to your overall brand strategy. Have a conference coming up? Create a Twitter list for everyone using the conference hash tag and reach out to them during the conference.

Conduct a weekly Twitter chat using a custom hashtag and invite people to ask questions to your social media account. Give away prizes to those who participate or answer a particular question during the chat.

Reward your Twitter followers with prize giveaways in exchange for a certain number of retweets. Remember that retweets increase your brand’s visibility on Twitter and lead to more follows.

Rather than posting Twitter updates on the fly, start planning and getting creative around your strategy to connect with your Twitter followers. With millions of users, the capabilities are nearly endless when you tap into the right plan.

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