4 Advantages of Mobile Technology

BY webmaster
June 24, 2015

strategic advantagesIn the past few years technology has drastically changed the way business is conducted. Not only has the internet empowered the consumer, but it has also given new powers to sales reps. Equipped with smartphones, tablets, and an arsenal of applications and software to interpret loads of data, the savvy salesperson must remain “in-the-know” with today’s technological trends.

“Social media” “4G” “apps” and a plethora of other mobile technologies have already become indispensable for many businesses. One poll conducted by AT&T found that 98% of small businesses use wireless technologies in their operations, with two-thirds (66%) indicating they could not survive- without them.


Access is the primary benefit of mobile technology. And what’s even better is that there are thousands of applications and programs that can help you stay informed and relevant to your precious customers. For example, marketing automation and mobile CRM can tell you every detail regarding a lead anywhere at any time.

When your prospects are ready to take action, mobile technology enables you to seize the moment making it easier to close a deal.

Internet technology lets you strike while the iron is hot .

Higher Efficiency

Whether you own a smartphone, tablet, computer or other technological contraption, you are using a device that has been designed to help you become more productive and efficient.

A robust CRM solution can effectively organize and locate prospects within moments, so you can offer the right solutions to the right leads.

You can even hire a developer to create an application to reduce the time and effort your team places in routine assignments. Consider Paul Bennett, the chief executive of Context Travel- a tour guide company. Bennett noticed that his team was investing an excessive amount of time scheduling logistics, instead of focusing on the most important job – to provide the utmost customer service to their clientele.

As a solution, Bennett introduced a software application to reduce the time his 400 highly qualified travel guides spent scheduling assignments. Instead of wasting time on a routine task, the staff is now able to focus on accommodating their customers.

This software application helped Context Travel become more efficient and save money by providing the most efficient solution, thanks to Paul Bennett – a forward-thinking executive embracing the benefits and capabilities of technology.

Reduced Cost of Operations

At a glance, it could seem that the cost of expanding technologies may cause a deficit in the company’s expenses. However, the increased productivity can easily outweigh the minimal cost and effort it would take to implement a new technology.

For example, if your company has 10 employees and each employee saves 1 hour or 60 minutes per week by implementing a new technology,  you’ve just lowered your staff cost by over 500 hours per year.

The potential savings could be amazing with the right software and the right equipment for your company.

Endless Possibilities

Though its capabilities are already vast, mobile technology is growing rapidly. There is ample room for improvement and innovation to help you better serve your customers. As a forward-thinking leader, push the envelope of the sales industry and embrace every opportunity to expand your levels of efficiency and productivity through technology.

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