Empower your sales journey with the seamless integration between Maximizer and Drip, effortlessly connected through Zapier. Drip is a customer-centric marketing automation platform that assists brands in understanding their customers and driving revenue through email, popups, and automation. This integration empowers Maximizer users to optimize their lead management, nurture relationships, and accelerate their sales pipeline. Generate leads enriched with comprehensive notes in Maximizer from new Drip subscribers, infuse Drip subscribers with targeted tags from new or updated Maximizer contacts, and seamlessly capture new Drip emails as notes on the corresponding contacts in Maximizer – all achievable through this powerful integration. You can also easily tailor workflows to suit your business’s unique needs, unlocking the potential of personalized strategies for optimal results. Provide your sales professionals with the tools to thrive like never before.


  • Trigger events for subscribers, e.g. “Signed up for a trial”, on Drip for new Maximizer leads, ensuring that your sales team can proactively nurture fresh leads and boost conversion rates.
  • Create leads with notes that are reflected in the timeline in Maximizer from new subscribers in Drip, keeping your contacts up-to-date and empowering salespeople to engage leads with context.
  • Add tags to Drip subscribers for new or updated Maximizer contacts, crafting targeted and personalized marketing campaigns.
  • Capture new Drip email complaints in notes on the corresponding contacts in Maximizer and send Teams or Slack notifications, enabling the team to address issues promptly and increase customer satisfaction.
  • Create leads in Maximizer and add or update Drip subscribers from new Unbounce form submissions, maintaining synchronized and up-to-date contact and subscriber lists for effective nurturing.