Maximizer CRM Summer 2013

Maximizer CRM 12
Summer 2013

It is time to get up to date with the latest from Maximizer CRM. With improved process compliance, user-customizable key fields, and performance enhancements designed to increase your productivity there has never been a better time to upgrade.


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Easily Create CRM Process RulesEasily Create CRM
Process Rules

Improve business rule enforcement, data capture and streamline any repeatable CRM process with rule based mandatory fields. Ensure your users are filling out the most essential fields with this intelligent new feature. Customizable selections will prompt further data to be entered to maintain best practices and process integrity.

Build Your Own ViewBuild Your Own View

By providing all users the flexibility to easily adapt Maximizer to fit each individual’s day-to-day use, we are empowering your team to find new efficiencies. All users can now modify key fields without the assistance of an administrator. This enables sales persons, customer support staff and the marketing team to personalize Maximizer CRM to ensure crucial customer or prospect information is kept front and center.

Streamlined and Adaptable SearchStreamlined and Adaptable Search

Getting to the right information quickly has always been one of the great powers of Maximizer CRM. Now even easier, build a detailed search for complex requirements one time and easily adjust parameters as you desire. With “Search by Example” forms and an increased number of pre-set rolling dates, getting the exact information you need has never been easier.

Making Your Smartphone SmarterMaking Your Smartphone Smarter

With user-interface upgrades like a new slide out menu, our mobile CRM has got some major improvements. It runs faster, has auto-suggest for search, and now comes with an improved customer service case module. As always you’ll be able to send emails, make phone calls, and quickly access your CRM database on any modern tablet or smartphone.

New Microsoft Office Add-insOne View… All Customer Information

From hot sales opportunities and recent activities to service cases, all the customer information you need to make quick and informed decisions are within one comprehensive view. Say goodbye to pop-up dialogues or navigating from window to window in order to track down information. Experience a streamlined workflow when everything you need is right there in front of you.

New Microsoft Office Add-insNew Microsoft Office Add-ins

Maximizer CRM is designed to be a central hub for all customer and prospect information and extends its features to business applications you use on a day in, day out basis. In Summer 2013 the Maximizer Add-in for Microsoft Word and Outlook boasts merge field, print, and save to CRM features that make working with Maximizer and Office applications simple.

Get the Bigger Picture

Get the Bigger Picture

When a new contact is entered into your CRM you know that they are just a small part of the bigger story. With Summer 2013, you can instantly visualize contacts within the same company and access critical information to quickly identify decision makers or additional economic buyers to make your sales process more effective.

Everyday CRM Activities Simplified

Everyday CRM Activities Simplified

Every CRM user has activities, contact lists or saved searches that they need on a daily basis. With Quick Access in Summer 2013 the redundancy of everyday tasks are eliminated. Customizable for each individual user, the Quick Access bar reduces daily activities to one simple click.

New Microsoft Office Add-ins

Google Maps Integration

Google maps is a given when it comes to consolidating business intelligence. Know where your prospects are or compare known company locations for any contact address with the one-click Google Maps integration in Summer 2013.

Recent Features and Enhancements:


Optimized for the iPad

Go mobile with an optimized user interface for the iPad or any tablet of your choice. Access crucial customer information – anywhere and anytime.
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Customer Timeline

Simplify how different individuals across your organization communicate and engage with the same customer with one view to see all customer interactions.
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Built-In Dashboards

Easily monitor performance indicators visually and intuitively with built-in dashboards and customized views for sales, marketing and customer support.
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Web Lead Capture

From your webpage directly to Maximizer Web lead capture forms deliver critical contact details to your sales team and help quickly qualify inbound leads.
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