Bring Your Sales Team
Wireless with Maximizer

Take a peek at a day in the life of a mobile salesperson

Meeting Prep

08:54 AM

Just before walking into a meeting the salesperson checks their CRM for a refresher on the key stakeholders who will be in attendance.


Record Meeting Notes

10:37 AM

The meeting went well and the opportunity progresses down the pipeline. The salesperson makes a quick summary note while in the cab.


Check Weekly Tasks

12:07 PM

At lunch the salesperson checks their tasks for the week. It's a long list so they make a couple phone calls, connecting directly through their CRM.


Review Contact Details

03:25 PM

Another meeting, this time with a long-term client. The salesperson preps in advance by taking a look through the client's file, identifying numerous ways to increase usage and fill in gaps.


Monitor Performance

08:25 PM

On the flight home the salesperson checks their performance dashboards to ensure they're on track with monthly requirements.

Mobile Features

Mobilize Your Workforce

Ensure that your sales team has access to all the information they need from Maximizer in their mobile device, anywhere they go, at any time.

Always Connect with Customers

Easily search for key contacts or accounts directly from the home screen and send emails or make phone calls with just one touch of the screen.

Manage Tasks on the Go

Comprehensive access and updating of contacts, tasks, calendar appointments, sales opportunities and customer service cases on-the-fly.

View Real-time Updates

Give your field teams the ability to access the most current customer information directly from Maximizer or update existing customer information in real-time.

Optimize Productivity

Reduce sales downtime, increase customer face time, win more deals and move your business forward even when you’re not in the offce.

Easily Monitor Key Metrics

Keep a constant pulse on your business and monitor key business sales, marketing and customer service metrics with real-time dashboards and reports.

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