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  • Navigating the Era of the Robo-Advisor

    The arrival of the robo-advisor is shaking things up in the wealth management space. What might seem like a threat to the real-life advisor can actually be used to enhance their own service offering.

  • Grow Your Book of Business with Affluent Households

    High Net Worth Individuals are the epitome of the perfect client for advisors, but the reality is there are only so many to go around. So how do advisors grow their book of business while still targeting wealthy investors?

  • Reaching Out to Millennial Investors

    Millennials are the largest demographic group in history. They are also the most educated and tech savvy, but when it comes to financial affairs they are very much novices and don’t resemble your typical client.

  • CRM 101 - Book 1 of 3: For Beginners

    Sometimes we forget that not everyone lives and breathes CRM like we do. To help, we’ve put together the most comprehensive primer available that is here to simply explain all the acronyms, concepts, and nuances of customer relationship management.

  • CRM 101 - Book 2 of 3: CRM Unlocked: Guide to Terminology

    Our eBook series is kind of like your favourite book trilogy - you have to read each one to get the full story! The world of CRM is easy to get lost in, but don't fret. We're ready to guide you along the way and pass along the CRM jargon that will have you sounding like a seasoned pro.

  • CRM 101 - Book 3 of 3: How to Choose a CRM

    Customer relationship management is an ongoing adventure. Come along for the journey and find out how to determine which CRM will bring the most benefit to your business, and customers.

  • Improve Your Organization's CRM Adoption

    No matter what type of product or service you offer, CRM adoption helps to serve your customer’s best interests at all times. Small and medium sized businesses around the world use this technology to thoroughly track their customers and learn how to keep them satisfied, happy and returning for business.

  • Client Service is King

    Just because a client doesn’t speak up doesn’t mean there aren’t issues bubbling below the surface. In fact, even clients who think they’re satisfied may not be.

  • Using CRM for Better Employee Productivity

    Many businesses use a customer relationship management (CRM) today, and those that don’t are missing out on a great way to see what people are up to within their company and throughout their customer base.

  • The Secret Language of CRM

    Everything you need to know about choosing a CRM built for a small or medium-sized business

  • Do You Know Who Your High Net Worth Clients Are?

    In the world of advising, these high net worth clients are prized commodities. Yet the extraordinary value they offer makes the competition for their allegiance fierce.

  • How Well Do You Know Your Customers?

    Assess your business in this eBook to discover how well you know your customers and discover what is required to increase your profits going forward.

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