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Maximizer CRM
HubSpot Connector

Dramatically improve your inbound marketing, increase lead quality, collect invaluable lead intelligence and harness the full strength of your sales and marketing teams with the Maximizer CRM: HubSpot Connector.


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Lead IntegrationLEAD

New leads and enquires captured in HubSpot flow seamlessly to your account managers in Maximizer.

Prospect IntelligencePROSPECT

Put HubSpot’s rich marketing intelligence into Maximizer to learn more about every prospect and customer.

Bi-Directional SyncBI-DIRECTIONAL

New records that originate in one system (Maximizer or HubSpot) can be instantly passed to the other system.

Closed Loop ReportingCLOSED LOOP

See the connection between your marketing efforts and won opportunities in Maximizer to enhance decision making.

Custom Lead ScoringCUSTOM

Control which leads are sent to Maximizer and when based on any HubSpot activity or criteria including custom lead scoring.

Customize Contact ProfilesCUSTOMIZE

Maximizer basic or customized fields can be mapped to HubSpot to keep contact profiles current and ensure effective segmentation.

Sales Team NotificationsSALES TEAM

Send custom notification emails to sales reps when leads take key actions on your website for specific follow up.

Track Lead SourcesTRACK LEAD

See which sources are producing customers, down to the keywords they searched and individual pages they came from.

Lead NurturingLEAD

Use online behavior tracking to get the ideal email message or sales offer to the right prospect at the right time.

Maximizer's HubSpot Connector
enables Maximizer customers to go
a step further by integrating HubSpot's
powerful inbound marketing software
with Maximizer's CRM tool to give
Maximizer customers a comprehensive, personalized view of interactions with
their prospects and customers.

~ Peter Caputa IV, Vice President,
Sales & Marketing, Global Channel & SMB at HubSpot

What kind of benefits can you expect?

Increase inbound lead quantity and ensure quality of leads sent to sales
Create more engaging sales conversations to accelerate the sales cycle
Improved efficiency of marketing spend to lower cost-per-lead
Expanded marketing reach across all online and social platforms
Unified marketing analytics to streamline decision making and adapt strategy