Access Maximizer CRM
When and Where You Need It

Maximizer's flexible and convenient CRM solution delivers essential information and tools where and how your staff works. Available through Windows Desktop, Web Access, or on your mobile smartphone or tablet, it brings critical information to you - whether working in the office, from home or remote offices, or on the road

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CRM for Windows desktopDesktop AccessWindows Desktop for
powerful and intuitive CRM 

Maximizer CRM installed on your Windows Desktop provides your customer-facing staff in the office with all the critical information and tools required to build relationships that drive revenue. With your central corporate CRM database maintained on-premise, internally, information is accessed via Windows desktop through your corporate wired or wireless network. Easily manage security, back-up of your database, and user permissions through the desktop administration module, accessible by one or more administrators.

Web access for on-premise CRMWeb AccessWeb Access for real-time
convenience online 

Hosted on your company’s secure server, Maximizer CRM Web Access provides the same functionality as the Windows Desktop version, allowing you and your staff to access the same modules and tools through a standard web browser but with the convenience of not having to install software on each desktop. Web Access allows staff in remote offices and those that travel to access Maximizer CRM in real-time, from anywhere there is an Internet connection. Information is kept secure on your internal servers, while giving staff web-based CRM access through a secure web browser allowing them to stay productive and reduce downtime.

Mobile CRMMobile CRMMobile CRM for
on-the-fly response 

Using virtually any web-enabled smartphone or tablet (including iPhone, Google Android, Windows Mobile and iPad), mobile CRM allows you to view and update critical customer information in your Maximizer CRM database in real-time, through your mobile device's wireless web browser. Whether you’re in sales, on a field service team, or a frequent-flyer executive, mobile CRM keeps you connected to information essential to your success. Leverage the power of CRM with the convenience of mobility to build customer relationships, boost productivity, collaborate with colleagues and provide real-time updates — anytime, anywhere.

Remote synchronization for Windoes Desktop CRM offlineRemote synchronization for
Windows Desktop offline 

As an alternative to Web Access, bring remote office team members into the fold for real-time collaboration with MaxExchange. The Maximizer CRM data synchronization option provides online and offline access for remote workers. From the moment a remote team member logs in, MaxExchange automatically uploads that individual’s updates to the main database, and synchronizes the most recent information from headquarters. With access to all the same data, modules, and processes staff can maintain productivity even when offline.

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